Daily Drawing days 165 – 178

Day 165 – Cosmic Cat.

Cosmic Cat drawing

Day 166 – The drawing prompt for this one was “missing mom” so I wondered what might go on while mom was out and about. I think this happened.

Carrot binge aftermath bunnies

Day 167 – “Thunder Bunny”

Thor Rabbit (Thunder Bunny)

Day 168 – Long Tail Fox

long tail fox

Day 169 – Blue Bird with coneflower

blue bird with coneflower

Day 170 – Drawing prompt “trade winds” – In my head I have always loved the drawings on the edges and borders of old maps…. but every time I go looking for them, I find that I don’t actually like them as much as I thought I did. It seems the ones in my head are more interesting. I may wind up doing a series of them at some point. Especially the water creatures (mermaids, sea serpents and the weird “dolphin like” things that show up on maps and in sculptures).

trade winds drawing

Day 171 – Drawing prompt “Lucky Strike”

Lucky Strike

Day 172 – Balloon animal friend. Some friendships don’t work out the way that we think that they are going to.

balloon animal friend

Day 173 – Puggle Magician. Not muggle, puggle.

puggle magician

Day 174 – Space Cats. On your stuff. Because that’s what cats do.

space cats

Day 175 – Drawing request was an evil fairy with her pet dragon. They didn’t wind up so evil… but probably because I have never seen dragons as evil. Fairies either I don’t believe. Maybe in some stories I guess, but I never picture them that way.

dragon and fairy having a nap

Day 176 – Drawing prompt was “mythical creatures with holly”. A tad bit past the season for holly, but it might make a nice Christmas Card (if I was the sort of person who was organized enough to send Christmas Cards).

flying mice with holly

Day 177 – Drawing prompt “Unicorn Dragon”. Guess there isn’t much else to say about that.

Unicorn Dragon drawing

Day 178 – MerMousalope (probably of the Royal House).


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