Daily Drawings Days 147 – 164

Day 147 – Drawing prompt “starry blue butterflies”. Went more literal than I usually do.

starry blue butterflies

Day 148 – Thunderfloofs.

thunder floofs

Day 149 – Woman with a powdered wig. There is a really long convoluted story about how this one was inspired. I would tell you to ask me about it when you see me… but the odds are super good that I won’t remember by then.

woman with powdered wig

Day 150 – Cat Wrangler.

cat wrangler

Day 151 – Greenmen Dragons

greenman dragons

Day 152 – Fairy Houses (Watercolor)

watercolor fairy houses

Day 153 – Acorn Fairy House

acorn fairy house

Day 154 – An artist bird. Falling victim to just too many damn ideas and not enough time.

dead artist bird

Day 155 – Drawing prompt “faces in the fire”. Nothing burns like love.

faces in the fire - burning love

Day 156 – drawing prompt “beauty rising from the ashes”

ash dragon

Day 157 – the drawing prompt was something I have drawn too many times at this point. So instead of a female sugar skull…. here is a sugar glider and a skull. Close.

sugar (gllider) skull

Day 158 – the drawing prompt for this was “Revenge” which might as well be poison.


day 159 – which was (according to the internet) festival for the souls of the dead whales. Really. Who comes up with these things?

flying pink whale

Day 160 – Another pink elephant (because you can never have too many).

another pink elephant

Day 161 – Under-root bunnies. Snuggled all nice and warm together.

bunnies snuggled under roots

Day 162 – Medusa


Day 163 – As happy as a bird with a french fry.

as happy as a bird with a french fry

Day 164 – just a teeny bumble bee

teeny fluffy bumble bee

~ by justteejay on December 18, 2016.

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