Daily Drawings Day 136 through 146

Day 136 – Went for a bitty painting instead of a drawing. This is oil on canvas board.

deaths head moth painting

Day 137 – One of the Chiara Bautista fan pages asked for work inspired by her and to hashtag it #inspiredbychiara Not very many people submitted and they never followed up on it, but here was my contribution. I also went back and tagged the one that I did last year for the Drawlloween prompt “Mask”.

inspired by chiara bautista

Day 138 – Queen of Hearts. My niece was here and I asked her for a drawing suggestion for the daily drawing. She suggested President Bunny but since that was such a terribly hot topic at the moment (and still) I opted for a Queen Bunny instead.

She is on RedBubble.

queen of hearts bunny

Day 139 – another venture off to “Sketch my Face”. Not a lot of people have been adding new photos. I may have to find another place to steal face reference from.


Day 140 – Bunny (Baron) Samedi – I have this one in my idea list for quite a while and am super happy I finally had time. This one is on RedBubble.

Bunny Baron Samedi

Day 141 – Straight Jacket Rabbit – because some days it just isn’t worth gnawing through the restraints.

straight jacket rabbit

Day 142 – Happened to fall on Doctor Who day. I got a little overambitious with this one and didn’t get if finished on the day of. I posted the partial on Instagram… then finished it and the next day’s on the next day.

TARDIS in the wild

Day 143 – Cat in the Moon

cat in the moon

Day 144 – Great Tree of Peace and Clans

Great Tree of Peace

Day 145 – Three Green Mice

three green mice

Day 146 – Masonic Owl. Done as a thank you for a photographer for helping me with medical tattoo documentation.

masonic owl

That’s it for this one. I am seriously behind today and still need to draw today’s daily drawing and tomorrow’s client’s appointment.



~ by justteejay on November 28, 2016.

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