Second Half of Drawlloween 2016

Drawlloween Prompt “Full Moon” and Daily Drawing Day 108

I decided to use the Drawlloween prompt “full moon” as an excuse to make another RedBubble Monster. So two pet kittens became one “monster” kitty. Personally I think two heads just makes a kitten twice as cute.

two headed kitten

The next Drawlloween Prompt was “Mad Science Monday” but I have to confess that I didn’t do a daily drawing that day. This one was made out of order on another day that I had more time. (It’s a Lab Rat.)

Mad Scientist Lab Rat

Daily Drawing day 109 and Drawlloween Prompt “Nosfera-Tuesday”. Perhaps a Nosferabbit?


Daily drawing Day 110 and Drawlloween Prompt “Witchcraft Wednesday”

Witchcraft Kitty

Daily Drawing Day 111 and Drawlloween Prompt “Horses and Headless Men”.

Halloween Horse

Daily Drawing Day 112 and Drawlloween Prompt Phantom Phriday.

Lady in White

Daily Drawing Day 113 and Drawlloween Prompt “Bat-urday”

blue bat

Daily Drawing Day 114 and Drawlloween Prompt “Superstition Sunday”.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot. I remember how traumatized I was when I was little and I realized that a lucky rabbit’s foot was ACTUALLY a rabbit’s foot.

lucky rabbit's foot

Daily Drawing Day 115 and Drawlloween Prompt “Mechanical Monstrosity”.

Puddle Stomping Robot

Daily Drawing Day 116 and Drawlloween Prompt “Entombed”. When I did a search on this idea I found out that Dragonfly in Amber is a book by Diana Gabaldon. It’s the second in a series. I downloaded the first book to my iPad and am enjoying it so far. There is also a series on television (I think it is called Outlander) based on the books, but I want to read them before I go looking for that.

Dragonfly in Amber

Daily Drawing Day 117 and Drawlloween Prompt “They came from Outer Space”. These adorable little aliens are from Doctor Who. They are called Adipose and they are birthed from human fat (which they take a way a pound at a time). I think it sounds like a great idea.

Adipose (Doctor Who)

Daily Drawing day 118 and Drawlloween Prompt “Call of C’thursday”.


Daily Drawing Day 119 and Drawlloween Prompt “Go Go Ghosts”. I only drew one go-go ghost.

go go ghost

Daily Drawing Day 120 and Drawlloween Prompt “Black Caturday”. Was trying for a Day of the Dead sort of feel.
Everytime I draw a black cat with a pink nose I am reminded of a very weird conversation that I had with a client about black cats. If you think of it, ask me about it sometime. It is appropriate for internet sharing.

day of the dead cat

Daily Drawing Day 121 and Drawlloween Prompt “Skulls and Skeletons”. This one wasn’t a drawing and I didn’t finish it. But this is as far as I got that day.

underpainting of skull (in oils)

Daily Drawing Day 122 and Drawlloween Prompt “Trick or Treat”. I didn’t feel particularly inspired by the prompt and once again this is not a drawing. It is at least finished. This is indeed an egg (people asked) or technically an egg shell since I had the foresight to removed the liquidy bits before I painted on it with oil paint.

eye painted on egg

And so passes another Drawlloween month. I enjoyed myself and hope that I am able to do it again next year.

Thank you to all of you that read my blog and give me wonderful support and especially to those of you that have told me you find my work inspiring.

~ by justteejay on November 6, 2016.

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