Daily Drawings (and suitable substitutes) Days #61 – 80

I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I updated this. Since I am out of commission for most functional task with some sort of illness (which I have un-affectionately dubbed “the Plague) I have time for computer stuff.

Enough whining (for now)

Day 61 – Coyote Present

Coyote, the Trickster. Coyote brings us lessons that we need to learn but don’t necessarily appreciate at the time.

Coyote Present

Day 62 – Dr Frank N Bun

A nod to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the immortal Dr Frank N Furter.

Frank N Bun

Day 63 – Red Wing Black Bird

I was given a hard time about this one by a couple of people because there is “nothing weird about it”. I did this one because I was really missing my daughter and the red wing blackbirds always make me think of her (like so many other things do).

Red Wing Black Bird

Day 64 – CATerpillar

Or the Cheshire Caterpillar. This one is on RedBubble.

Cheshire Caterpillar

Day 65 – Pumpkin Cat

I have to admit I am a little bit excited for the cooler weather to make it’s appearance.

Pumpkin Cat

Day 66 – Sidewalk Fox

Since I participated in the Perry Chalk Festival Last year I have been telling myself that I should get out an practice. I hadn’t. This summer has been so hot and dry that I finally decided I should take advantage of it. This fox was done in the end of our driveway and lasted really well (for a week or so?).

sidewalk fox

What he looked like from the other direction.


Day 67 – Sketch my Face

I am always hesitant about doing these as I don’t know how the person in the photo is going to react. I had a good feeling about this one since her user name is @totallydeadbabies, I figured she had a good sense of humor. She does.

Sketch my Face

Day 68 – Sidewalk Bunny

Since the fox was a fairly successful experiment (and was holding up so well) I tried another one using perspective. These are really weird as they look kind of okay when you are standing there – but much better when viewed through a camera (as it becomes a single point you are looking at if from instead of the stereoscopic view your eyes would provide). Here are both angles – I actually really like the inverted one.


Day 69 – Limited Time Offer

Got a phone call a day or two after I posted this from a friend who wanted to know if I would be willing to tattoo this on him. But of course! Since I only tattoo them once, if you would like one for your own you can check out RedBubble and get a version of him there.


Day 70 – Bubble Bunny

Also on RedBubble


Day 71 – Flip Flop Bird

Inspired by a little rehabbing birdie who was floating around the internet. His footwear was described as snow shoes or flip flops depending on which version of the story you came across. I went with the flip flops. I do have to admit that I cheated a bit on this one. I had put the background in REALLY roughly the morning that I drew this and have cleaned it up some before scanning it to be put here.

Bird in Flip Flops

Day 72 – Tiger Shark

I was told it looks more like a tabby. Either way, I was very pleased with this one and it is also on RedBubble.


Day 73 – Teeny Silver Point

I was in a hurry and was starting my seminar with Rob Liberace the next morning. I was gathering up my supplies and decided a quick silverpoint piece was in order since I hadn’t worked with it in a bit.


Day 74 – Silverpoint Julie

My intention was to keep up with my daily drawings outside of what I was doing in the Workshop (as I normally do during the week outside of my normal tattoo work) unfortunately my health was far less than stellar the week of the workshop and utter exhaustion was sending me to bed every night pretty much right when I got home. There would be no extra work this week.

This is (some of) Julie. She poses for us regularly and I left her head off at Rob’s request. He wanted us to focus on one portion of the body at a time beginning with the torso and not to do the face as we could easily get too caught up in creating a likeness to get anything else done.


Day 75 – Silverpoint Sally

Same thing but with more time. I had everything except her head done again at Rob’s request, but in the last 2o minutes or so I just had to give her a face. I couldn’t leave her with everything else done and no head. Seemed too creepy. So I feel like her head was a little bit rushed, but I do like it better than when she had none.


Day 76 – Monique Head Studies

The three heads on the right were done fairly quickly and then more time spent on the main head (obviously). I was not encouraged to lay this out this way. It was pointed out to me that it was not aesthetically pleasing. Since I don’t do anything with ANY of the figure or portrait work that I do I figured this really wasn’t a big deal. My apologies if it offends your sensibilities. The ink figure on the end is Sally posing for the other half of the room since I didn’t use the full 15 minutes making the little watercolor of the back of Monique’s head.


Day 77 – Sally Watercolor


Day 78 – Monique Watercolor


Day 79 – Silverpoint

Day 79 was Saturday and I was supposed to go back to work and start on an Alice in Wonderland sleeve that I am very excited about. The Plague had other ideas and I spent most of the day on the couch feeling sorry for myself and watching NetFlix. I also made these.



That one is silver point, splattered watercolor and sharpie. I am interested to see how all of this ages on the plike paper.

Day 80 – Sick Day Dragon

Obviously at this point I am still sick. I am not happy about it. The kitties are thrilled that I am spending so much time in bed. They keep trying to comfort me by laying on my chest, which is not super helpful when it’s already hard to breathe. I love them so I let them stay anyhow.











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4 Responses to “Daily Drawings (and suitable substitutes) Days #61 – 80”

  1. That’s funny to me… That Monique’s heads is not ‘aesthetically pleasing’. I got looking at it that it was just creative use of space, but I actually looked at it for a while and thought how well the top two heads seemed to be a part of the whole… And maybe if the bottom had silver added, or her drape had brown then the third head would also be a part. Started thinking of it as a kind of 3 faces of Eve/(Monique) kind of a thing. (Just an uneducated eye of the beholder kind of comment… )

    • There were some things I liked about it as well and I did make some effort to work them into one another without obliterating the sketches. It started as a conservation of space thing. Really I don’t do anything at all with these studies ever so I figured there was no point in going to a new sheet.
      I always appreciate your input. Always.

  2. You are such an smazing artist! Love your stuff.

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