Daily Drawing Series Day 47 through 60

Day 47 – Bambi and Thumper

do you suppose I can get in trouble for naming them that?

female faun and rabbit

Day 48 – Teacup Dormouse

Obviously one of the days with much less time.

teacup dormouse

Day 49 – Wizard Kitty

This little wizard makes me super happy every time that I look at him. This one did make it to RedBubble. I haven’t been putting as many of them on there lately.

wizard kitty

Day 50 – Cosmic Moth (CosMoth)

Having lots of fun with the different colored paper. Although I definitely prefer the toned tan, some of the other colors work better for other projects.

cosmic moth cosmoth

Day 51 – Is it Better to Burn out? or to Fade Away?

I hear this in my head in the voice of the Kerrigan from the movie Highlander. I know it is a song also, but this line will always belong to the Kerrigan.

better to burn out than to fade away

Day 52 – Purple Panda

purple panda with balloon and bunny friend

Day 53 – In our Own Bubbles

I think a lot of the time we don’t realize how protected we are – and how vulnerable we could be.

wolf and bunnies in bubbles

Day 54 – BumbleBears (BearBees)

I thought these little guys were super adorable and was very pleased with them as characters. The internet was spectacularly ‘meh’ about them. You never know what is going to strike a chord with people (and what isn’t). If this drawing hangs around long enough I may go back into it and put some green leaves softly in the background. You never know.

bumble bears bearbees

Day 55 – Drink Me

drink me bottle

Day 56 – Castle Dragon starter set

I was wondering to myself about what little bitty castle dragons would attack before they were full on castle destroying entities.

baby castle dragon

Day 57 – Rodeer


Day 58 – Lantern

crystal lantern

Day 59 – PepperMint Mouse

Turns out that peppermint oil is supposed to be a good way to rid your home of unwanted mice. I figure there has to be that mouse out there that loves the stuff.

peppermint mouse

Day 60 – Inverted Fish

The drawing on the left is the original drawing and the normal looking is inverted in photoshop. I would love to do more of these and check how they are coming out throughout the process. I didn’t check this one flipped until I decided that I was finished with it. There may be more of these as I have been wondering what to do with the white paper that came in the variety pack of papers that I bought. Who wants white paper when there are so many options available?

inverted goldfish drawing

Feedback on these drawings has dropped off and I have started running again so I don’t know if I will continue to make them daily.

If you would like to see me continue, drop me an encouraging note and/or let me know. I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you!!!


~ by justteejay on August 29, 2016.

2 Responses to “Daily Drawing Series Day 47 through 60”

  1. Keep going!!! You amaze me daily and make me hope that someday I will be able to draw as much as you do outside of tattooing again.. Unless you want to take a break, then you can do what you want 😉 but I think it’s cool.. Your fan club loves them too!!

  2. Ps.. Mic drop on the inverted goldfish!?!? Are you serious!?! So amazing

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