Daily Drawings Days 36-46

Day 36 – My cat was kind of sitting in this pose. I was thinking about the idea of keeping little predators in the house. How far would we be willing to take that? I definitely would want a bitty dragon for a pet. Of course, I would want a full size dragon for a pet (or friend) as well. I’ve never been appropriately logical for that sort of thing.

bitty dragon

Day 37 – Jester Bunny – Nothing complicated. Wanted to combine jester, bunny and octopus.

This was the first of my daily drawings that wasn’t actually completed in the day that I started it. I finished it the next day and a couple of days later I did a second drawing in one day to do penance. Not like it’s that big of a deal, but I don’t want these to turn into multiple day projects.

bunny jester

Day 38 – Gryffin – I was at the Pagoda City Tattoo convention and Holly was tattooing a Gryffin on a client. It seemed like a good idea.


Day 39 – Celtic Bunny – It’s been a while since I drew anything celtic. I miss it. It’s kind of relaxing and zen. I’ve always thought of it as math made pretty.

celtic bunny

Day 39 Bonus Drawing – Bee and Thistle

thistle and bee

Day 40 – Wizard – I picked up one of Joe John’s stickers for Wizard’s World and wanted to draw my version of it. I didn’t realize at the time that Joe had drawn the wizard for the sticker. I stuck the stickers on my mirror at the shop so I can’t take a scan of them.

wizard world

Day 41 – Demon Cat – This is another exercise in the whole scanning neon colors thing. This time it is an orange high-lighter marker. This kitty is bright and orange in really real life. I like the red tones too. It’s all fascinating: the way that the colors look to the eye versus the scanner.

A little girl at the convention suggested this one. She actually suggested a demon cat with a fish fork for a pitchfork. I may revisit this later so that I can include a pitchfork.

demon cat

Day 42 – Being as 42 is the answer to life, the Universe and everything…. a nod or two had to go out to the HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for day 42. If you aren’t familiar with the book(s) – go out and read them.

I give you Zaphod BunnyBrox. Two headed (of course) with a heart of gold, a bowl of petunias, a hitchhiker (the snail) and the galaxy in the background.

zaphod bunnybrox

Day 43 – I bought myself some new paper. It’s sold for pastels, but it seems to work pretty well with the pencils. It’s nice to have some other colors to play with.

meditative winged merbunny

Day 44 – Pussy Willows

PussyWillows on RedBubble

pussy willow kitties

Day 45 – A bitty elephant. I’m not sure if those wings are his or he is playing dress up.

Bitty Elephant on RedBubble

bitty elephant (with wings)

Day 46 – When Pigs Fly. You know… you’ve heard the expression. I think when pigs fly they have a grand time. I am still curious why there is a hashtag for pigsflynaked. Pigs being dressed seems less of a common theme than pigs flying. Aren’t they usually naked?

When Pigs Fly on RedBubble

when pigs fly

Several of these are on RedBubble. If there are some that you are looking for on RedBubble that aren’t there – please let me know and I can upload them for you.

I will get around to updating the tattoo photos at some point also, but not today.





~ by justteejay on August 14, 2016.

2 Responses to “Daily Drawings Days 36-46”

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if I could get your permission or pay you to use your thistle as a tattoo.

    • I am okay with you using the drawing as a basis for your tattoo. Please ask your artist to give me credit if they post it anywhere. Thank you for asking first.

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