Next couple of weeks of the Daily Drawing project

and so it continues…

day 16 – the ever elusive mothmouse – hard to find. they have been rarely studied. This one seems a bit pleased with himself.

MothMouse on RedBubble


day 17 – The pink elephant with golden spots. This was a character from a book that I had when I was small. I accredit it with being the one that caused me to declare that I wanted to be an illustrator. This may or may not be true. Stories get convoluted with the passage of time.
RedBubble picked this one up as a featured image and to date it has been my best seller.

Pink Elephant on RedBubble

Pink Elephant (with golden spots)

day 18 – Peacock tail mermaid. Like all good ideas this one was completely stolen. I actually did two versions of this and this is the second. I don’t know what happened to the scan of the original.

Peacock Mermaid on RedBubble

peacock tail mermaid


day 19 – lovely little tortoise (turtle?) all decked out and headed somewhere. somewhere fancy.

fancy shelled tortoise


day 20 – Balancing Act. Most of life seems to be one.

balancing act - tightrope walker

day 21 – The further adventures of the Explorer Snails. Traveling in style this one is.

Explorer Snail on RedBubble

explorer snail = hot air acorn

day 22 – Really this was because I wanted to draw the mushrooms.

Little Friend on Redbubble


day 23 – I have a deep seated love for the movie Labyrinth. For all of the reasons. If you aren’t familiar with the movie. This little worm is in the movie. He invites another character in several times for tea and to “meet the missus”. They never do. I wondered what she might look like. This is one option.

Labyrinth Worm and the Missus on RedBubble

mr and mrs labyrinth worm

day 24 – Drawn during the Irondequoit Art Trail this year. I had seen a “sea hag” that someone else had drawn and I figured they would be much prettier than that.

sea hag, sea witch

day 25 – you know. Flying fox and all that. They just look a little different in Gaderen’s Forest.

Flying Fox on RedBubble

fox fly

day 26 – Magic Bunny. Some days you really need to be able to pull things out of thin air….. or a magic hat.

magic bunny tophat

day 27 – Winged kitties. Love them. They come in so many different varieties.

Winged Kitty on RedBubble

egyptian flying cat

day 28 – A quick one.


day 29 – Tooth Fairy.

tooth fairy

day 30 – Another quick one.


day 31 – Mummy Kitty Attacks!!! I had original intended to have the kitten unwinding the mummy wrapping…. but then my own kitty was stalking something that would have never ever moved (without her help). I figured this behavior in cats must be as old as time. So this mummy kitty is chasing a scarab carving.

Mummy Kitten on RedBubble

mummy kitten

day 32 – Lightning Bunny Bugs. Blinker Bugs. Something. They are real….. I know it with all of my being.

blinker bunnies

day 33 – Just a giraffe. Albeit a kind of cute one.

Little Giraffe on RedBubble

cute giraffe

day 34 – Mysterious lady inside a fancy frame.

Young Lady on RedBubble

lady in fancy frame

day 35 – a couple of happy mandrakes

couple of mandrake


I’m having way more difficulty keeping up with the scanning and the posting than I am with the actual drawing. I’m not sure I will continue to post all of them here. Maybe stick with my favorites only. Not sure.

If you want to see them on the day that they are posted you can follow me on Instagram @justteejay

Many of these are on RedBubble as well if you would like a version of one of them for your own.

Originals are always for sale, but some of these have gone very quickly (and some are still around).

Time to make the donuts. Hope that you have a great day.


~ by justteejay on August 3, 2016.

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