The Perry Chalk Art Festival 2016

I had such a good time at last year’s Perry Chalk Art Festival that I was really hoping that I would get the opportunity to participate again this year.

This year’s theme was “New York State of Mind”. I had to submit a concept and an application and wait to hear if I had been selected as a participant.

I told them that I wanted to do another piece with one of my winged merbunnies and include some of the symbols of New York State (such as the rose, the Eastern BlueBird and our state butterfly).

A few weeks before I got the email telling me that I had been approved to chalk again this year. I then sat down and roughed out a map of what I wanted to do. Layout proved to be more of a challenge than I had thought and my eventual design bore little resemblance to what was initially in my head (other than thematically).

initial sketch

As was the case last year, check in was super easy and friendly (the folks who put this on are amazing!)

I was presented with my sparkly new box of chalk.


I love art supplies. There are millions of options in any given box of chalk. Who did you give it to? What are they going to make with it? I can totally overwhelm myself with options (which is why it’s so important for me at something like this to have a plan going in).

The rain tried to play with us on and off for the first part of the day. We had tarps to cover the art during passing showers.

Unfortunately the tarp that I had wasn’t ‘quite’ water proof. It turned out not to have caused much damage anyhow so I was much less concerned the next time it rained.

Difficult to get a shot of the finished piece without getting my shadow in the way.


I won an award this year for best use of color.

I had a ridiculous amount of fun playing with chalk and definitely want to go back again next year if there will have me.

I got to keep the rest of my chalk (and the nifty little bag that it came in). So I really should try this at home.

Because what I really need in my life is more projects (read that in a sarcastic tone of voice).

Stop over. Tell me we should chalk in the driveway. I need an excuse 🙂


~ by justteejay on July 16, 2016.

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