The Dailies (a new drawing project begins)

Of course I can’t possibly be with a project (or a hundred) at any given time. Must make ALL of the things – all of the time!

No really, the only time my brain (and the voices in it) manage to shut up is when I am creating.

So, inspired by a woman that I follow on Instagram, I decided to challenge myself with a daily drawing assignment. Only requirement being that it be drawn completely in that day and that it not be work related. My intention was that I just do a 10 minute sketch every morning.

It looks like most days these are going to take me more than that. A few have been quick when that was all time allotted (and I am sure there will be more days that is the case) but I am figuring more than that it is going to teach me to be more efficient in getting from concept to finished in less time.

These drawings (like most of my work) IS available for sale and my husband REALLY appreciates it when people adopt my work (and get it out of the house)…. (of course I see this as more opportunity for more projects… but he married me anyhow).

I don’t have a time frame on how long I intend to do this for. I am sure it will roll itself into other projects (such as when Drawlloween rolls around again) and a couple of these are crossovers from “The List” project that I was working on before.

Day 1 – color-erase pencils on white paper

drawing of bird on heart with band-aid

Day 2 – (also from the drawing list “parisian dragonfly kitty”) – colored pencils and marker on toned paper.

Parisian DragonFly Kitty

Day 3 – colored pencils and marker on white paper

mouse with dragonfly wings, crown and lantern (drawing)

Day 4 – Another crossover from the drawing suggestion list – Christmas Bunny

Christmas Bunny

Enter a caption

Day 5 – pencils on white paper

mermaid face drawing

Day 6 – Dragon SeaHorse (yet another crossover from the previous project) – pencils and marker on toned paper

Dragon Seahorse drawing

Day 7 – colored pencil and marker on white paper ( I was not having a good day that day)

Running Away Mouse

Day 8 – colored pencils and marker on white paper – I would like to do more with this one later. Could wind up a painting.

bumblemouse drawing

Day 9 – Colored pencil on white paper

drawing mermaid and merbunny

Day 10 – colored pencil and marker on white paper

bat with his bear

Day 11- Pirate Raccoon – on toned paper

pirate raccoon drawing

Day 12 – I had sat down on the couch and started the “what shall I draw?” process when my very old kitty came and propped himself up on the back of the couch. Great! I will draw Tora! he held still for mere moments when he realized I was drawing him and turned away from me (this the second drawing in the corner). I posted it anyhow. Then decided I couldn’t leave it like that. I added some of my own to it and am happier with the “after” drawing.


Day 13 – This is one of those dimensional drawings that only looks correct from one angle. I would like to do some of these big some day (another project).

dimensional rose drawing

Day 14 – There are some things that I really love about this one. I’m not sure if it would get to be a painting or if it is just perfect the way that it is.

contemplating pursuit

Day 15 – pencil and marker on toned paper. I’m not at all sure what the bird is hanging on to. A wand? A sharp pointy thing? One of those lady hair pins that doubles as a weapon? Not sure.

Bird with sharp thing

Day 16 – Colored pencils and marker on toned paper. It’s been WAY to hot out to think about going running. So it has given me more time in the mornings to draw.

mothmouse drawing

I will try to update these every couple of weeks so that the posts don’t get to be ridiculously long. You can keep up with them daily on Instagram by following me @justteejay Also some of these will wind up on my RedBubble Page. If there is one here that you wold like to see there, let me know and I will upload it for you.

~ by justteejay on July 15, 2016.

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