The Antler Shed and White Tail Museum

A friend of mine Chris Clemens has a great blog called Exploring Upstate. Pretty much every weekend he is off on some new adventure. Once in a while the planets align (by accident or design) and I am able to tag along.

Yesterday we went to the Antler Shed and White Tail Museum in West Valley. I am sure Chris will do a wonderful job on his post of explaining how he heard about Len and his museum and relaying some of the stories that we heard while we were there.

For me, I’m all about the pictures. It’s hard for me to listen or comprehend much of what is going on when there are so many awesome things for me to look at!

panoramic shot interior of the Antler Shed

inside the antler shed second floor main building interior shot of the Antler ShedThis mount is in velvet which you normally don’t see as this phase does not occur during hunting season.deer mount in velvet A couple of button buck skulls.

mount of two antlered white tail

This tiny fawn was still born – no one shot her for the taxidermy!

taxidermy of still born white tail deer


lunch box nibbled on by porcupine

If you would like to learn more about the Antler Shed you can check out Len’s blog (which he says he never updates) and/or his facebook page (which seems to be a tad bit more current). If you are planning a visit, please make sure to contact Len directly first as I do not believe that he has regular open to the public hours.

One of the stories that Len had told us that had nothing to do with the antlers or taxidermy was a story about a local witch’s grave that was nearby. We decided to go out searching for her to see for ourselves. This actually turned out to be more difficult than any of us thought that it was going to be. Especially once we found her and saw that the tombstone is indeed clearly visible from the road.

I’m not sure what Sophia did to gain her reputation as a witch. None of us experienced anything awkward or uncomfortable at the site. Perhaps it is a place better visited under the moon.

Disch - the Witch's Grave

We did stop for lunch in Elicottville for lunch and stumbled across a restaurant named Dina’s which had not only really amazing food – but I believe the best gluten free pizza I have ever had! I would highly recommend it. We also stopped into a place that sold nothing but socks and while tempted by these Trump socks – I did not purchase them.



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