Tattoo Update June 2016

Heta the Elephant finally got a place to live. I think this piece is complete… but there’s a nice blank spot on the other side of that leg (hint, hint).

Heta the Elephant tattoo

Dog portrait of a beloved pet.

dog portrait tattoo

Nice simple classy tattoo.

chickadees tattoo

Browning logo modified for a memorial piece for a friend.

browning logo tattoo

An old fashioned gal for a wonderful younger human. 🙂 We will be adding more of her dress and something floral below this on the next sitting.

old fashioned gal tattoo

Getting your stomach tattooed hurts every bit as much as you think that it does. Garrett sat like a champ for this!

stomach snake tattoo


Put the Devil on Ted’s hand.

devil hand tattoo

Added the second kitty to this Cat Lady tattoo (this is in no way a dig. I consider myself a cat lady. The other day someone called the shop asking the receptionist if I was a cat lady or not. She wasn’t sure I was cat lady enough to make her tattoo for her. I was insulted.) Black and White baby is healed and the grey one is fresh.

cat portraits tattoo

Started adding flowers around Shawna’s sugar skull butterfly. There will be some more flowers on this on the next session.

sugar skull butterfly tattoo with roses

Cool decorative piece to cover mastectomy scars. We will have another session on this to come up onto the left arm as well.

Jordan stopped in so I could get photos of his magnificent raven tattoo. This also covers an old tattoo. LOVE when I am able to see them healed!

Outlined this Lumberjack Pin-Up tattoo for Starr. This will be a fun one!

lumberjack pin up tattoo outline

Rochester flower. Drew this one up quite a while ago and was extremely happy to finally be able to tattoo it.

rochester flower lilac tattoo

Rochester flower BB-8 for Marshall aka the Star Wars guy. Marshall has been coming in for a really long time. He always gets fun tattoos, he is super nice and takes great care of his tattoos. I couldn’t ask for anything more 🙂

Rochester Flower BB-8 tattoo

A couple of the Rochester Flower designs that I didn’t use for tattoos, so I drew them up to put on RedBubble.

rochester flower with humminbirdrochester flower/flour with wheat

Another session on Chas’ back. Nice little skull 🙂

skull backpiece tattoo

Added a New Orleans inspired lantern to Nadia’s hand. Thank you Nadia for letting me torture you again (and for letting me do something that wasn’t type in that space).

new orleans lantern hand tattoo

Another session on Jake’s cover up sleeve. Obviously this is still in progress. Jake has now been more officially adopted into the White Tiger clan and can be found volunteering on the desk on Saturdays in Greece.

dragon cover up tattoo

This was the second session on Steven’s sleeve. The Buddha and Metatron’s Cube are fresh and the skull and lotus are healed from the previous session.


healed skull tattoo

Terry made the drive up from Pennsylvania for me to make her Jack and Sally tattoo.

jack skellington and sally tattoo

Amy is an amazing artist in her own right. I based this tattoo on drawings that she had done. Eventually the stem of the thistle will run down the length of her arm. I very much enjoy interpreting other artist’s work as it winds up a collaborative effort.

thistle tattoo

I made this little skeleton chilling out for my friend Michelle. This is part of an ongoing project that is going to cover at least most of the lower portion of her one leg. grateful dead skeleton tattoo

We should only need one more shorter sit to finish up this steampunk partial sleeve for Rob. This was a great project for me – lots of details and painstaking work, but he is completely understanding of that and has allowed me the time to do it un-rushed. steampunk sleeve tattoo

That should bring us pretty much up to current. If you don’t want to wait for me to post here, you can see more of what is going on sooner by following me on Instagram @justteejay


~ by justteejay on June 27, 2016.

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