Snuck in an extra day off this weekend

Sunday I drove to Boston.  Monday Holly and I played. That should of been the end of my weekend – but since I still needed to get back to Rochester, I took an extra day off of work to drive back with 🙂

Some of the hi-lights from my day with Holly in Boston.

We went to the Aquarium (which I mistakenly referred to as the Seaquarium … my apologies). They have all sorts of water loving critters there.


These penguins had ‘just’ hatched an egg. We could tell the baby was really new – but didn’t realize how new. Holly took some great video of what was most likely it’s very first feeding. The chick couldn’t have been more than an hour old at that point and it is unclear if the staff even knew that it had hatched yet.

Someone we talked to later said that they have never seen the penguins hatch an egg on their own like this. Not on the display and not without having been paired up first. We were very fortunate to have been able to watch the chick on and off throughout the day – at the end of the day it and it’s parents were going to be moved “behind the scenes” to raise the baby out of the public eye.


The jellyfish are mesmerizing.

They had a touch tank where you could pet the stingrays and some little sharks. I got to touch a bunch of them. This one seemed to like me. It hung out in one spot and let me pet it for a really long time (the other ones just kind of swum under our hands). Eventually another one came along and shoved it out of the way.


We did a behind the scenes tour which was more than worth the $20! A lot of the photos that I took there didn’t come out because of the glare on the top of the water’s surface…. but we got to touch jellyfish and see a lot of cool stuff. I would highly recommend it if you find yourself there (and aren’t a high maintenance human).


This guy (girl?) was AMAZING the photos really don’t do it justice. Super spectacular colors and excellent scale reference. I would love to adapt and tattoo one of these on someone and/or base a castle dragon on it. If you are interested, let me know!

This guy was running one of the Duck Tours. I especially like the boots. That’s commitment.






If someone would like to buy me either the black sailboat or the big white one in the background, I would be a really happy camper.



My favorite photo of the day!

IMG_2352In case you can’t sort that out – Holly jumped into the end of the panoramic photo 🙂


It was a great day and totally worth the 12 hours of driving…. although next time I might investigate flights – or even the train (at least I can draw on the train).

A few people have asked what happened to the second and third installments of the Italy photos. Unfortunately after I uploaded the photos from Milan I managed to misplace the SD card that has all the photos on it. I am hoping that it will turn up somewhere and the remaining photos will be here for you soon.

Think happy thoughts for me.

I’ll be back next time I do anything photo-worthy.

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