Tattoos? Glad that you asked.

I have been updating semi-regularly with the artwork produced from my suggestion list. But during that time I have still been working as well…

Here are some of the tattoos that you might have missed since I posted tattoos last:

Gretchen came into town. I’ve said it before, I will say it again. I love this lady. She is awesome. Not just because she lets me make really cool tattoos on her – but also because she is a fellow cat lady, she understands me in a way that few people do and I am super super glad that our paths have crossed. I hope she continues to think that I am cool enough to hang out with.

This is the section that we had done previously… it is healed except for the (obviously new) outline to the top right of the photo.fluffermeeseIMG_6087

and after this session:



Added Harley Quinn to what I hoped was going to be a full Batman sleeve. At least we got the ladies on there. For now it is a half Batman sleeve (with no Batman).

tattoo of Poison Ivy, Cat Woman and Harley Quinn

Another half sleeve – this time intentionally so and the top half. This is the second session and clearly half healed. I did get better photos of this one later.

angel and clock half sleeve tattoo

A very long time ago in a land not so very far away I made this ThunderBear tattoo for a wonderful bear of a man.

thunderbear tattoo

After the Gods called him home. I was honored to make this (much) smaller Echo of Thunderbear for the woman who walked with him in life. Their hearts will always be one.

Maybe we should call him Echo the ThunderCub?

Much love to you Bec ❤

Echo the ThunderCub

Dreamcatcher tattoo with her horse. I did know the horse’s name… but it seems to have escaped me at the moment.

horse and dreamcatcher tattoo

after a very long hiatus we had another session on this floral sleeve…

floral sleeve in progress

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. Hope that I am able to get healed photos of her.

tattoo of Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

Nice solid session on the Dragon Sleeve. Can’t wait to work on this one again!

dragon sleeve tattoo in progress

Healed version of the Angel & Clock half sleeve.

black and grey angel clock half sleeve healed

Very fun piece to do. Hard to see the color in this – but it is primarily sepia tones with touches of color. Hope to get healed photos (as always).

sugar skull makeup with owl and roses (tattoo)

A very impressive First Session on a SteamPunk Knuckle 3/4 sleeve. While technical (and potentially tedious). I designed this one (so I have no one but myself to blame) and I am SUPER excited to see this one finished. It’s going to be glorious!!!

knuckle motor steampunk tattoo in progress

First kitty on what will be a montage of all of her little fur babies #catladiesunited

kitty tattoo

Black and grey lion tattoo on the chest.

While I’ve gotten better about my photography. I had some sort of relapse on this one. This photo does not do this tattoo justice at all.

lion tattoo on chest

Nice “little” cobra on the tummy. That feels every bit as badly as you think it does. Worth it in the end.

stomach cobra tattoo

Got some healed photos of the 911 Flag background that I made a while back.



and last but definitely not least…. started working on the lower half of Shawna’s arm. This will have realistic flower background behind it and will be a stunning piece when it is finished… not that it doesn’t stand well on it’s own as is.

sugarskull butterfly tattoo

Wouldn’t want for you to think that I was idle while I was away.











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