Humbled Beyond Words

This incredible piece of art was made for me by Jeff Crawford who had been working on it for a very long time completely unbeknownst to me.

She is Audhumbla – who’s story I will not attempt to convey here. She is a Mother Cow from Norse Origins: arriving on the scene shortly after Ymir.

There is a lot here. A whole lot. With my artwork I prefer not to tell the whole story – allowing the viewer to get what they can from my creations. Jeff did let me in on his intentions behind this piece. They mean more to me than I can say here – so I simply won’t try.


Jeff made most of the piece. His sister Any made the glass spheres (there are two inside of each other) that form the bulb.

This version of Audhumbla is beautiful to behold in person. She is sitting in the front window of the Greece studio. I hope to find a suitable platform for her to live on permanently. If you stop by at night and ask me nicely I will turn the electric on and you can see how breathtaking she is in person.

Thank you Jeff.

That doesn’t seem like enough to say – but I think that you know me and my heart enough to understand just how much it really means to me.

I really need to stop crying at work or the crew is going to think I have completely lost my mind.


~ by justteejay on March 31, 2016.

2 Responses to “Humbled Beyond Words”

  1. Holy shit, that’s amazing!!

    • Right?!? You have to see her in person. Totally crazy. Glows. Looks like there is a flame up through the orb. And then let me tell you more of the story…. and it gets even better!!

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