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Playing with working with different media for Figure Drawing still. The shorter poses here are done with ballpoint pen and the last one has a variety of things going on.

more figure drawing… still messing with mediums

not sure why those came out so small. I guess the Universe knew I wasn’t really happy with them?

In the fall I am taking a class from Robert Liberace. He will be teaching rendering of the figure in Silverpoint and in Watercolor. Since I have never done either I figured I should at least try them out before the class. So these are my first attempts at working with sliverpoint. It’s like pencil, except the mark is lighter and can not be erased (well unless you consider sanding the board down erasing). After time the silver will age and patina and the marks will darken some. I’m not clear on how long that takes (I think it may be years).

More silver point… and I seem to have no control over the size that these upload, so I guess if you want to see them better you will have to click on them individually. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


and still more silverpoint


Drawing for a tattoo that I decided to take in a slightly different direction (did you think this was going to be all figure drawing?)

drawing sugar skull face with owl

and still more silverpoint. wasn’t feeling very good that night. drew very small and didn’t stay for the last (long) pose.

silverpoint lifedrawing


More silverpoint figure drawing:

and then the watercolor experiments start. Now there are two reasons for this. One is the aforementioned Robert Liberace workshop. The other is that I am going to Italy the end of April. I would like to be able to work in a little travel sketchbook while I am there. It’s not convenient to carry a huge assortment of markers or colored pencils. So I figured why not try to learn watercolors a bit.

I’ll tell you why. Because watercolors have been my nemesis. I don’t understand them. But hey, it’s art. It can”t hurt to try. No one can fire me. So why not play and see if I can learn some stuff. While I don’t expect to master them anytime soon…. it is another great opportunity to stretch outside of my comfort zone and learn something new.

watercolor bunny

and then flying WAY outside the comfort zone… water colors for live figure drawing (I mean why not… I’ve done three watercolor pieces so far at this point if you could the owl and the bunnies as two separate pieces).

and then to completely make myself nuts… I start playing with the new Gamblin solvent free mediums. This is also in preparation for the trip to Italy where I intend to do a lot of painting. The solvent free mediums make it possible to fly with them (checked) instead of trying to find mediums there. They are a bit different and I want to practice with them before I go.



one of the kittens helped me with this one


magnolia blossom

more not good figure drawings with watercolor… this is really a struggle for me and my instinct is to hide them… but we all have to start somewhere

when I got home I read that it was mermaid Monday – so I figured I would give that a go as well


and more


and then oil again

an idea for a tattoo that I am supposed to be working on for a friend – instead I decided to play with it with watercolors (this would make a terrible tattoo)

thin blue line skull

An Easter Jackalope… because it was Easter and because it has been too long since I’ve rendered an angry bunny.

Easter Jackalope


back to the bee… feeling discombobulated yet? welcome to my brain


and because I’m just not experimenting with quite enough new things at this point… I decide to try out oil paper which I have never used before either.

Back to Figure Drawing …. and BREAKTHROUGH! I make some figure drawings with the watercolor that I don’t hate. I actually really like some things about these.


All of which has frustrated me lots and taught me a ton. I’ve been busy. I will continue to be busy… but productive. It feels good and it keeps me out of trouble.

Lots more in the works… stay tuned.







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