Some More from THE LIST

# 28 – Gothic MedicineMan

plague doctor

# 29 – Dancing Fairies

dancing fairies

# 30 – Rabbit Rulers

Odin Rabbit

rabbit valkyrie

# 31 – Octobunny

This one was a challenge as I have made an Octobunny in the past and while I wanted this one to be similar… I didn’t want them to be too much alike.

I very much enjoyed the addition of the dreaded Tree Penguin.


I hadn’t noticed it at the time I had scanned the Octobunny, but the flame had disappeared in the scan. It would have been nice if I would have noticed it at the time as I used the new neon prismacolor pencils that I used for the flame much more heavily in later drawings – and they magically DISAPPEAR in the scans.

#32 – Biker Cinderella

I had a nice vision of her riding off by herself on her Harley – tossing the remaining shoe over her head behind her. In all honesty – I didn’t want to render the bike. I don’t like drawing things that have to be exact in my free time since I do so much of it during the day. No matter what, I had a lot of fun with this concept and will probably develop it further later (with my sincerest apologies to Anne Rice).



# 33 – 80s Workout Bunnies

Here is where the magic disappearing colored pencils became a bigger problem (but I still didn’t know it at the time). The neon colors photograph fine (as shown here) but only the paper shows through anywhere that the neon colors are used when they are scanned. I am going to need to redraw this one completely with conventional pencils as I drew it for a friend who wanted to use it for something… that it has to be scanned for.


80s workout bunnies

# 34 – Gabby jag Harry the rabbit aka Hanukkah Harry the Rabbit

I honestly had never heard of Hanukkah Harry. I had to google him. If your curious – you can google him too…. but here he is as a rabbit.

Hanukkah Harry the Rabbit

#35 – Toothless

I am fully aware that there is an adorable animation character named Toothless. In the interest of not offending large animation studios, I went another direction.
For whatever reason I thought of the little shrunken head apple dolls that we used to make when I was a kid. Which reminded me of the kitchen witches that everyone else’s mom seemed to have when I was a kid. They might be toothless.

kitchen witch

# 36 – Winter Bunnies and Butterfly


#37 – Horse wildfire running across a snowy field

This is where I finally did some scanning and realized the major problem with the neon colored pencils. This is from a photo as the scan shows nothing where the tail and mane should be.

horse wildfire

#38 – Toothy Plant

toothy plant

This may be the end of the series. It is possible that I will pick it back up as there were more suggestions made after this. I have started other projects though and am beginning a (potentially long ugly) battle to learn to make loose flowing watercolors. So far it is not going well, but I have hope.





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