I had an Opening!

I guess in some ways that makes me feel like more of a “real” artist. I know that probably doesn’t make sense to some of you. I am reading a book where the author talks about having Imposter Syndrome and I think I have (more than) a touch of it myself.

Anyhow. Solo show. Had one. Was kind of excited and kind of nervous. Wound up having a great time. Super surprised at who showed up and what they went through to do so. It was excellent all around. A bunch of the drawings and a couple of the paintings sold.

I completely forgot to take any photos at all that night.

So I have for you here a couple of photos that I took the night before when we set everything up.

and some photos that some friends took (and were nice enough to send to me).


some more:

If anyone else took any and could send them my way I would greatly appreciate it. Now I need to get to painting so that I have a bunch of new stuff should this kind of opportunity present itself again.

Thank you to everyone who came, everyone who helped and everyone who has supported me along the way. Also thank you to Jeff from RocCity CoWork for being such a great host!

Big Love to you all!



I forgot to mention that the show will be hanging until at least next First Friday (possibly longer if they can’t get someone else lined up between now and then). It is at RocCity CoWork which is in the Village Gate – third floor of the building that houses Salena’s. Actual address is 302 North Goodman Street Suite 308. Their normal hours are 9-5ish. They have said that they are okay with people popping in to see the show, as long as they understand that it is a CoWork and the hours may vary.


~ by justteejay on February 8, 2016.

6 Responses to “I had an Opening!”

  1. Congrats TJ! You’ve always been an artist, it just took some others a lot longer to realize it.

  2. Well I know you’ve always been my favourite artist 🙂

  3. Love your work your set up display is fabulous your very talented and a inspiration to many.Thank you for sharing your world with us. Hoping I can have a chance to get down to see it in person.

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