Please Join me for my very first First Friday show

Super excited to announce that I will be participating for the very first time in my own First Friday event.

I will be showing my paintings on Friday February Fifth from 6-9pm at the Roc City Cowork in the Village Gate. Physical address is  302 Goodman Street North, in suite 308. This is the separate building in Village Gate that houses Selenas and has the big mural on the outside (several stories tall).

In addition to the paintings that I will have showing (and of course for sale) I will have the original drawings with me from the Drawlloween series and the more recent series. They will be for sale for $50 each. Unfortunately I will not be able to accept charge cards there.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy a piece for your own I would really really love to have you come and say hi! This is a big thing for me and the sort of event I tend to get nervous at, so all the friendly faces would be appreciated.

I’m planning on munchies and we will probably round up some wine or something for those of you who are into that sort of thing (I hear that is pretty standard at these events).

If you have any questions or anything, please let me know.

Hope to see you there!!!

Link from First Friday Website

Link from Roc City Cowork



Welcome to Gaderen’s Forest.
Gaderen’s Forest is not a where. It exists both here and there. It contains the memories of the past and the promises of the future. It is in the slightly parted veil between what is and what is accepted.
This place is about seeing people for their true selves and for stolen glimpses of the places that slip in between the Days of Mundane. Magic you can feel and see with your heart when you allow.
Let the love and the light in enough to quiet the musn’ts, the nevers and the can’ts; then you will see. You will see it in the corners and the empty spaces.
When you let go of the impossibles you will see that Gaderen’s Forest is all around you and always has been.
About the Artist
TeeJay is a tattooer by day. She has owned and worked out of White Tiger Tattoo here in Rochester for over 20 years. Her personal work has been described as fantastical and time-loose:  depicting creatures people and places that are at once familiar and surreal. TeeJay believes these things are around us everyday. She wishes to share them with you to help you recognize them in your own life.
moth and flame painting by TeeJay

~ by justteejay on January 27, 2016.

2 Responses to “Please Join me for my very first First Friday show”

  1. I love your tattoo art. You have good facility with the figure also.

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