Carrying on from #20

#20 = Natural Magic

Wanted to do something with the elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water…  and the day before I made this drawing I found out that a group of rabbits can be known as a Fluffle, so of course they needed to be bunnies.

Elemental Fluffle


elemental fluffle, bunnies, earth air fire and water

#21 – Sewer Angel

For this one  I wanted her to look both attractive and disgusting. I wouldn’t want to mess with her. I don’t imagine that she smells very good either.

sewer angel

#22 – Weepy Willow

weepy willow branch

#23 – Viking Cat Bear

viking cat bear

#24 Dragon Train Squirrel

This one threw me. I almost stopped here. I really couldn’t figure out how to combine these three elements. I had a bunch of sketches of a dragon training a squirrel to do things… but all of them seemed like things the squirrel should know how to do already. The dragon teaching the squirrel to play violin didn’t make for an interesting image.

dragon train squirrel

#25 – Footwear

Of course my footwear of choice had to be bunny slippers. I think I look like this in the morning. I know I feel like this in the morning.

bunny slippers - confused in the morning

#26 – Roller Derby


roller derby

#27 – Sea Unicorn

Sea Unicorn

and still going…


more soon.




~ by justteejay on January 14, 2016.

2 Responses to “Carrying on from #20”

  1. need a good blue herron tatoo done..will a artist you have be in the Northwest Tatoo convention in Seattle 2016?

    • Judy, I don’t believe that any of the artists here have plans to attend the Seattle convention this year. I am sure there will be lots of amazing artists there though.

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