Continuing on with the Drawing Prompts

#14 – Self Animal Portrait

If you pay attention to my work or we have ever talked about it in person – you probably already know that most of the times when the winged merbunny appears in my paintings and drawings that it is representational of me.

So when I got to this prompt it only made sense that it was going to be her again.

When I was working on the drawing a co-worker had commented that it couldn’t possibly be me as she had never ever seen me that relaxed. She suggested that I go more of a Kali style and give her multiple arms trying to do all of the things at once. I gave it a lot of thought. I decided that this is more of a feeling thing than a visual thing. This is how I feel when I am creating. When I am painting or drawing or sewing or cooking or anything that creates – I feel at peace. Completely calm inside my own skin and my own head. It is the only time that happens.

After I posted it someone had commented “Dang girl, you are one sexy merbunny!” at which point I became super self-conscious and wondered if it looked egomaniacal. I don’t think I am hot. I almost pulled it down or put up a disclaimer. I decided eventually that none of the people in my drawings actually look like themselves. They are how we appear in the little world in my brain. Since this piece was more about how I feel and not how I think I look, I decided to leave it.

I did toy with the idea of putting flames in the background. I do think sometimes I focus so much on the good and the beautiful that I don’t notice my world is on fire. Which I also know is completely contradictory as I can be super cynical as well.

Welcome to the very busy, crowded, noisy, confusing place that is between my ears.


#15 – Devil’s Advocate

Initially I had the bunny with his arms up like he was talking with his hands. He had on a little vest.
He looked entirely too much like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I decided this one was more about the look on the Devil’s face than anything else and made the rabbit much simpler so he didn’t take away from the Devil. I do think that bunny is probably pretty silver tongued though.

Devil's Advocate -

#16 – Dandelion Wish

Dandelions are a thing in tattoos (at least for the last few years) and they are super hard to render in a tattoo in a way that will hold up and look pretty in years to come and not be too dark or heavy. It was a JOY to be able to render one on paper and not have to have any of those concerns. Had a lot of fun with the fur textures as well. I feel like I am getting clearer in my head about what I want things to look like.

Dandelion Wish

#17 – Owl Cat (Meowl)

Meowls. They are an internet thing. I have seen lots and lots of them over the years, but have never drawn one. I did a whole lot of little thumbnails to figure out what I wanted him to look like. I couldn’t pick just one.

This in the nice Meowl.

Cat Owl (Meowl)

and this is the not as nice Meowl.

meowl drawing

#18 – Spirit Bunny

This one was prompted by my sister and I got it most of the way finished on her birthday. Was bummed that I couldn’t time it to be all the way finished on her day, but was pleased with the drawing itself.
The day after I posted her someone said that they had a dream about her. That made me ridiculously happy. I really like that my characters have the ability to spark someone else’s imagination. I think that is perhaps the point of it all.

spirit bunny,shaman,rabbit,mage,

#19 – “Love Bubble”

The prompt was Love Bubble, but I’ve been calling it Cheese Chapel.

winged rodents,marriage,cheese bubble

I’m working on the next one now… so there will be more here soon.

Happy New Year everyone!




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