Some More of The List

As I mentioned on the last entry- I recently asked for drawing suggestions on Facebook. Here are some more of them.

#9 – “Exotic”


#10 – “Atomic Dance”

Alternative plan for this one was a couple of rabbits dancing at a sock hop wearing those 50s style bubble helmets. That one may still need to happen.


#11 – “Mermaidsaur (mermaid dinosaur)”


#12 – “Starfish yo-yo”

There were a lot of sketches for this. My conclusion is that yo-yoing as a hobby must be difficult for a young starfish. I think they could also probably stick themselves to an overhanging coral reef and yo-yo off of that. I wonder if it is easier or harder to do yo-yo tricks under water. My head is filled with these kind of questions.


#13 – “Jellyfish love”

This one went a lot of places in the thinking phase. I thought about hooking Cthulhu up with a large jellyfish. I also thought about making some creature eating a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich. This mermaid looks suspect to me. I can’t decide if she is a matchmaker or a jellyfish pimp. Either way I think she is up to something. The jellyfish look pleased enough.


Having fun with this project and looking forward to making more of them over the vacation. Next one is “Self Animal Portrait” so depending on how involved I get, that may be a study for a painting.


~ by justteejay on December 23, 2015.

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