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If I was a good science fiction geek – I would know much more about how StarDates work than I do.

You can’t fire me from Geekdom so I will not worry about it too much. Today is another one of those “things I have been up to lately” posts. They are the hardest to name. I mean, if I included photos of my trip to the zoo… then the post would be easier to name.

But hey, I’m still making pictures and tattoos… so how about some of them?



When I finished the Drawlloween Project, I was really inspired. I had liked the idea of working outside of my comfort zone and using someone else’s ideas, but not having to worry about if they liked it or not. (NOT the case when drawing for tattoos). The 24 hour deadline on top of my other workload was brutal for the month. I was super proud of myself for making it through and finishing all of them on time.

I have not been able to find another online prompt thing that worked of for me. So I made my own. I asked people to submit one or two word ideas or descriptions for me to work off of. I will do at least 30 of them. I will do them in order. I will not limit myself to 24 hours and try to do one every day.

I made my request post and drew this one while I waited for ideas to arrive. This one came from my desire to draw the little fluffy stuff that comes out of milkweed (that we have always called wishes). I didn’t think it would work well for a tattoo, so drawing was the way to go.IMG_5689makeawish

The first prompt was “Butterfly Phoenix”


I also worked on some paintings. Finally finished this one up (and started on another that I won’t post until after it has been delivered to it’s recipient).


Went to Figure Drawing.

Next drawing prompt was “Winter Mold”.


Followed by “Fairy Peace”.


Started this thigh piece for Kaitlyn. The horse is hers and unfortunately I can’t remember his name. She will be back after the New Year to finish the rest of it.


Finished the upper part of Nadine’s arm with her Mandevilla Tattoo. She and I worked together what seems like a million years ago when I had a really real job. We made the lower portion a few months ago.



Then “Tattooed Elf” which I got a little more into as far as detail then I had intended. This one took me a few days to get around to finishing.


“MistyWinds” This one was chosen by RedBubble to be featured on their “Found” page. Pretty cool. Definitely another example of a drawing that would not work well as a tattoo.


And a neat design that made for a very nice tattoo after it was simplified a bit.


“Storm Snowflake”


“Wizard Bat”


“Wild Horses” which I made into RockingHorseFlies – but after I decided that they really don’t look all that wild. I figure maybe they are way out of control on weekends. This image was almost punk rock seahorses instead.


I would also like to point out to anyone who has read this far that these images are for sale. Many of them have been uploaded to my RedBubble page (link on top of the blog) and the originals are for sale as well. Most of the little ones like are here are $50 if you come pick them up and $65 if I have to mail it somewhere. A lot of people seem to think that either I don’t sell them or they are really expensive.

So if you have one of these that you are interested in (or any of the Drawlloween ones) please let me know. They aren’t doing me any good sitting in my sketchbook.

Next word prompt is “Exotic”. Have any suggestions?


~ by justteejay on December 18, 2015.

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