One Fortunate Human

I have so many wonderful people in my life. Folks who stand by me even when I am “In The Pit”. Tonight one of those people called me up and reminded me why I love her so much.

Amy gave me a bit of shit about not posting on my blog lately. Not enough of a hard time to kick in my contrary nature – just enough that I wanted to update so that she would smile and be happy.

So Amy (and Todd and Natasha and Holly and everyone else who is wonderful in my life) this one is for you. Thank you for standing by me when I don’t feel like I deserve it.

For those of you that are here for the photos updates… they will be along any second now.


We got almost finished on this piece. There is a cover up on the right shoulder and I did not make the fairy in the moon piece that is in the center.

Started this owl piece. Was super bummed that we couldn’t finish it that day. I thought we were doing it all at once, but alas the Universe does not ALWAYS align things to the way that I want them. Just mostly.


Got a great first session in on this Batman sleeve. This was a full day and there are all sorts of teeny tiny bitty details in there. This is going to be a breathtaking tattoo when it is finished.


Stephen was able to get some healed photos of this Amy Winehouse portrait for me. I have to admit for one of the only times of my career I edited a photo in photoshop for the purpose of changing the appearance of the photo. Since this tattoo is fully healed there is hair on his leg again. Not a problem, but when we took the photos there were two perfectly (mis)placed hairs that made it look like poor Amy had giant bags under her eyes. I did take those out of this photo. Amy went through enough trials and tribulations, she doesn’t need added bags. No woman does. I didn’t edit the photo in any other way.


Holly. There are always Holly stories. Holly came to town. It was glorious. We made teeny tattoos, laughed, pursued poutine, stuffed cheesecake into ourselves…. all the usual.

and Holly repaired the Filthy Whore in the Webster shop. Now she has an H. If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it.

Another start on a great sleeve (which will include some cover-ups). Winter is definitely the time for starting sleeves. It seems like so much of what I have been doing lately is the beginning of giant projects.


And see, then the next one was an amazing one session tattoo. Nevermind. Ignore me. Just look at the pictures.


Healed photo of this animal totem from a while back.


Drawing that was inspired by a tattoo assignment, but works better on paper than as a tattoo. I did put this one up on RedBubble so you can get it on “stuff” instead of on your person.

Speaking of which it appears that a bunch of you are getting RedBubble goodies with TeeJay art on them for Christmas. Super excited that I might get to see some of them in person. It’s unbelievably fun for me to see my art walking around on things instead of skin.


I did make it to Figure Drawing on Monday but I was really out of sorts. I left early, but got these in before I gave up for the night.

Gretchen came to see me. I love when that happens. Not only does she get tattoos that make me happy, having her around does as well.


and last but not at all least, Nick started this half sleeve for his first tattoo. Nothing like jumping in good and solid like. We got about half of this done on this first session and if he sits like that next time he should be finished next time. Then he gets to find out how lopsided you can feel with only one arm tattooed.


Hopefully I will stay out of The Pit and you will be hearing from me more regularly again. Thank you to all of you that walk beside me in life. You mean more to me than I can properly tell any of you.

~ by justteejay on December 3, 2015.

2 Responses to “One Fortunate Human”

  1. And we are fortunate to have you!!

  2. I’m not sure why, but I desperately wanted to visit with you last night. Unfortunately, the shop was closed when I drove by. 😦

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