Drawlloween 2015

Normally I wait until a blog post is complete to post it. By the time I am finished with this drawing challenge, October will be over and it won’t be as fun to be posting Halloween drawings. So I am posting this now and will add the new drawings on to the end.

Somewhere around the end of the month I will post an Instagram only give-away thing. Then on November 1st (or 2nd) I will draw three names from those that entered (on Instagram only) and will give those three people their choice of the drawings. After that the balance of the original images will be for sale. Many of them are on RedBubble and more of them will be added. If the drawing that you like best isn’t on RedBubble, let me know and I can make sure that it gets uploaded.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support.


On October 1st my sister posted this on my Facebook page.

Drawlloween 2015

I had seen drawing challenges like this one before, but this time I decided to give it a go. It was too late at night by the time that I saw it to try to draw “ghost” that first day. So for my first day (on the 2nd) I combined Ghost and Devil and made this little guy being haunted by the ghosts of his past.

Guilty Owl

Day 3 – Goblin. Not sure why, but I decided that Goldberg Tribal tattoos would be popular in the Goblin Realm as well.

Goblin with Bunny

Day 4 – Vampire. I was actually surprised that more people didn’t ask me why this was a Vampire. Either people recognized the reference or they didn’t care that much.
I drew most of this while Paul was driving us to NC to meet our new Granddaughter. Drawing in a moving vehicle is not all that easy and I don’t know that I could have pulled it off if I was not used to compensating for wiggly clients.

Vampire Bunny

Day 5 – Werewolf. So having babies on the brain – it made me wonder how hard it would be to deal with having a were-pup. I guess if you and/or your spouse are a werewolf you would already know how to handle it.

werewolf pup

Day 6 – Pumpkin. Squirrel wants to eat the pumpkin. Pumpkin wants to eat the squirrel.

Pumpkin Patch

Day 7 – Haunted House. This was hard for me. I didn’t want to draw a house. Houses have too many straight lines and need to actually look like they could stand. Frustrating when one just wants to make things up… but when I came up with this one and realized I could have an excuse the use the hash tag #ghostfart – it made it all worthwhile. Yes, I really am that childish.

Snail House

Day 8 – Zombie. Certain friends and I will talk once in a while about our aversion to wet dead (as opposed to dry dead). I do fine with dry dead. Taxidermy. Bones. Things that are dry, don’t squish and don’t look like they would smell badly. Zombies do not fall into the dry dead category. Therefore I am not nearly as enamored with zombies as some of my friends tend to be. I think that my winged merbunny would feel the same way. I believe that if she found herself turned in a zombie way, she would make every attempt to try and make the best of the situation.


Day 9 – Eyeball. This one just seemed like an obvious choice to me.

eyeball rose

Day 10 – Alien. I hadn’t really thought too much of it before, but those hummingbird feeders really do look like little red UFOs. Made me think about the scene in HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where an entire attack force is eaten by a dog. Aliens might not be big and scary. They might be little and scared.

Very Small Alien encounters Hummingbird

Day 11 – Raven. Not going to explain this one. It kind of happened and I couldn’t really explain the thought process to you. After it was drawn it occurred to me that it might be a raven with a woman as it’s Spirit Animal.

Raven Girl

Also after I drew her I felt like she didn’t quite “go” with the rest of the series. So I drew something that I thought might be more in line with the rest of the images. Apparently no one noticed as I got a lot of positive feedback on the first one, and almost none on the second.

baby raven

Day 12 – Moon. Pretty cool as we just had a full moon lunar eclipse here recently and lots of us were outside wandering around staring at the full moon.

Incidentally I had told someone very recently that only boy bunnies have antlers. Very obviously I was mistaken. Any bunny can have antlers 🙂

Moon Bunny Jackalope

Day 13 – Frankenstein. I have enough literary folks in my life that I have learned that what most people think of when they think of Frankenstein is incorrect. Most people picture Frankenstein’s Monster. Frankenstein was the Doctor’s name. This is Frankenkitty. He is trying to figure out how to bring the mice back so that they can keep playing together. It’s hard when your friends suddenly stop moving on you.


Day 14 – Bat.

Bat Bunny

Day 15 – Amulet. The only thing I could think of for amulet was the necklace that Mrs Brisby had in the Secret of NIMH. I kind of felt badly for Jeremy the Crow that he didn’t get a sparkly. I mean, I know he couldn’t have THAT sparkly – but I know what it is like to covet a sparkly. So for my amulet drawing I gave Jeremy his own.

Jeremy has a Sparkly

Day 16 – Grave. My favorite grave carving is an angel sculpture is from the Oneto Family Tomb and was carved by Monteverde. She is beautiful. This is a bunny version.


Day 17 – Demon. The obvious choice as a tattoo type of human would be to draw a Hannya. I didn’t.

Demon Mosquito

Day 18 – Mask. Again, could have gone with a Hannya. Instead I did a fan art piece of one of Chiara Bautista’s characters. I really love her work a lot and would like to imagine the critters that live in my brain would play really nicely with the ones in her world. Absolutely beautiful work that makes me want more time to draw for me.

Chiara Bautista Fan Art by TeeJay

Day 19 – Creature from the Black Lagoon. I have to admit that I have never seen this movie. I’ve seen the images and the posters and I’ve never felt the need to sit down and watch it. I kind of figure some blonde jock dude spears the creature and he swims off never to be seen of again (or possibly until the sequel). I don’t like stories that go that way. I would like to imagine the creature was able to find someone who appreciated him for who he is was (perhaps after he did some soul searching and/or therapy to deal with any anger issues or homicidal tendencies).

creature from the black lagoon and mrs creature

Day 20 – Skull. Of course I love drawing skulls. There are never enough skull projects. This one is finished enough for this project (and the time that I had to work on it) but I would like to go back into it at some point and add to it a bit.


Day 21 – 8 Bit-Zombie. My original vision for this one was a couple of zombies hanging out on a couch playing old school video games. It’s a great vision in my head, but there was no way I had enough time to make something that elaborate in the time that I had.

8 bit zombie carrot

Day 22 – Candy. When I was a kid my mom didn’t want me to get sick off of all of the Halloween candy – so she rationed it out. Usually one piece a day with my lunch and maybe another piece at dinner time. It was a great plan except because I knew she was going to do this, I would eat as much of it as I possibly could before I got home. Usually making myself good and sick in the process. These guys look pretty pleased with themselves. I think they “regret nothing”.
This is the one piece so far that I really want to keep. If it survives the give away I will. I may hold it back from the give away. I’ll see when we get there.

too much candy

Day 23 – Gore. I couldn’t bring myself to make anything gory. Wet dead does not do it for me. I went for the verb gore instead of the noun gore.

gore monster drawing with pumpkin and bunny

Day 24 – Skeleton. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with an actual skeleton or a skeleton key for simplicity. Ultimately I decided to do both. I really like this piece a lot, but would like to go back into it at the end of the month to add more detail and contrast when I have more time.

skeleton drawing with jackalope and key

Day 25 – Mummy. One of the ones I really felt like I had to use a human for. When I went to look for reference for the jars I couldn’t remember what they were called. Fortunately googling “tomb jars” worked perfectly. I love when google thinks for me. Obviously I did not use the traditional heads for the jars.


Day 26 – Rat. I believe that I like rodents more than the average person does.

fairy rat

Day 27 – Witch. I had a friend who kept saying she was looking forward to this one most. I felt pressured. I was so worried she wouldn’t like what I came up with. Fortunately she did 🙂 A few people have told me this one was their favorite for the month.

Young Witch

Day 28 – Black Cat. My original intention was to make a Reaper Kitty. The logistics didn’t work out well. I had a hard time getting the robe to hang right with ears poking out and without them it didn’t look like a kitty. Plus I wanted the kitty to be holding a scythe and it didn’t look right. In the midst of all of this my kitty Tora curled up next to me on the couch for a few minutes. Not long enough for me to get a really good drawing, but long enough to get a shape to work with. He is lanky and bony since he is a very old kitty. Now he is a Kitty Bat. For the record he is all black with no pink, but I wasted some contrast in the drawing.

Kitty Bat

Day 29 – Scarecrow. Years ago I made a Scarecrow Pin-up for a Scratch(board) Art book. I at first tried to make another pin-up but wasn’t feeling it. This happened instead.

Scarecrow Ballerina

Day 30 – Spider.

love bites

Day 31 – Dragon. The last prompt of the project. I’m tired at this point. A lot has happened this month. I have learned a TON and I am really proud of myself for having made it all the way through it. On time even! I am looking forward to a slightly more regular sleep schedule moving forward from this point. I hope to continue drawing all be it not so prolifically and go back to painting more.

Dragon settling down for nap

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I will select the winners of the three originals of their choosing on Sunday. Most of these are on RedBubble (link at the top of page). A couple of them are too big to scan so I will have to have someone else do it. Then they will be here as well. The balance of the originals will be for sale after the winners have selected theirs (and the family has grabbed the ones they want dibs on).

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