Just Pushing my Luck by trying to post some Tattoos!

As I have mentioned my computer isn’t liking me these days. Well, that’s not actually true. My computer may like me just fine, it doesn’t however like to upload anymore. It will, but it doesn’t like it. Often it will seize up and do absolutely nothing if I ask it to upload. I take this as a form of protest. I’m not sure what exactly it is trying to protest. Perhaps that will come out later.

So anyhow, things haven’t been going so well with updating the blog because of this.

We have had a nice long sit down and seem to be at an understanding. So for the time being uploading seems to be possible. While this is the case, I will attempt to fill you in on some of the tattoos that I have made and worked on since we visited last.


Added some background to Bernie’s leg to brighten it up. We had done the dagger/snake and the eagle in mostly browns and neutral tones and since the work on the other lower leg was so bright, we added some more color to balance them out. Sorry I did not get photos all the way around the leg so you can’t really see the eagle tattoo. background for Bernie tattoo on leg

Everyone has seen tattoos that were done from children’s drawings…. but Gerry had a great idea to put his son’s drawing on an easel to make it more interesting with “something else” in there as well. Went with the crayons (even though his son pointed out that he had done his drawing with markers) and some paint splatters. When I went to make the stencil up I realized the piece looked unbalanced (from the easel leaning, you know, like easels do). I got a hold of Gerry to see if there was another element we could add. There was! His son (also named Gerry) had a giraffe that he wanted in there. Giraffe hides behind easel… perfect! kid's drawing tattoo Gerry's drawing Gerry's drawing  I’ve never actually read or watched Gone with the Wind, so I don’t know too much about the story. I now however know that Vivien Leigh had blue eyes and someone had to alter the film so that her eyes would appear green to play Scarlett. Aren’t you glad that your job doesn’t involve hand tinting eyes in every single frame of a film? Scarlett tattoo Added on to Kent’s arm. He is going to let me make a mermaid for him next. Yay for mermaids!!! Obviously the ship is healed at this point. sea serpent tattoo Second session on Justin’s underwater piece. Super excited about this one. He sits great and this will run up the arm on to the chest when we are finished.  Underwater reef tattoo My friend Michelle has been a Dead Head since before I knew her. I really like this interpretation of the classic Steal Your Face. She also has plans to continue this around the leg some more.  rose and butterfly steal your face tattoo So I often talk about Holly. If you have spent a lot of time here or at the shop with me you have probably heard a Holly story or seen a Holly sticker or asked about a Holly stress boob. Anyhow, Holly contacted me a while back and said she had a client who wanted me to put nipples on her butt cheeks. Would I be interested? But of course! (bad pun intended). Chandra had plans to come to Rochester one time when Holly was in town visiting, but Mother Nature had some other plans and we got hit with some pretty serious snow. I had figured that was the end of my chances at butt nipples…. but then. Another opportunity! Holly was going to be working on Chandra at the Pagoda City Tattoo Festival. I could come down for the day – visit with a couple of awesome people – get to see a ton of friends and finally make the requested nipples. Everyone wins! So this happened. Some great laughs. Some interesting photos. Some very confused onlookers. It was a great weekend!  ass nipple tattoos I don’t know who made the “Something Silly” tattoo. She and her sister have matching ones.  teejay tattooing ass nipples teejay tattooing nipples on a butt  wiping Chandra's back side Rob came to town for another sit on his Mountain Unicycle Riding Knight and Dragon tattoo. I am willing to wager this may very well be the only tattoo in the world with this particular theme. I am going to believe it until someone proves otherwise to me. This is actually pretty close to finished on what was the original plans for the tattoo – but since we have started some new plans have been thrown into the mix. Robi sits like a rock and we are able to get a lot done on each session. I’ll be sad when this one is finished – but I am sure he will be thrilled to have me stop poking holes in his stomach and sternum!  full moon and mountain unicycle knight tattoomountain unicycle knight tattoomountain unicycle knight and dragon tattoodragon facing off mountain unicyle riding knight tattoo mountain unicyle and knight tattoo So Gretchen was in town. One: I have to tell you that I love this lady. Have a great time with her everytime I get to see her face. Probably would get super sick of me if we lived closer. Two: this cat is awesome! This is Ashley aka Miss Crank Pants and I am sure she must be my spirit animal. I hope that I was able to capture the essence of her irritation. Also please not the teeny mice in the tiara.  kitty tattoo

First tattoo. One sit. Lots more layers of color than you can really see in this photo. celtic cross tattoo

Little add on to an ongoing project. Pocket watches are one of those trends in tattooing that I really don’t mind. There are so many ways to make them different from each other and  a lot of people get the times to represent specific dates. Works much better visually than just writing a date on your arm. pocket watch tattoo We did a short sit on Casey’s torso to finish up the outline and to give him a taste of what the shading will be like. This one is going to be amazing. Again, I am sure he will be happy when it is all finished. Do not be fooled folks. Getting this portion of your body tattoos is painful and invasive. These guys are troopers. I don’t know if I could do it.  satyr skull tattoo outline Skull tits! I have the most amazing friends. We weren’t sure how bad this was going to feel – so on the first sit we only did the one skull. Nadia said it really wasn’t that bad, so on the second sit we added the second skull with cross bones and adding daisies (get it? pushing up daisies) to the original skull. One of those things about being heavily tattooed is that we start to see empty spaces that need filling. Then, once it is filled in, there seems to be other smaller spaces around it. I think both of these will be getting added on to in the near future.  skull boob tattoo skull boob tattoo Adding on to Natasha’s (not a) sleeve. LOVE the passion flowers and have a great time visiting with Natasha 🙂 We will be adding more on to the upper part of this to tie everything in.  floral sleeve tattoo

I think that brings us pretty much to current. Thanks for bearing with my ramblings and the long gap in posts.

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