Jeff Hein Workshop day 1

I apologize for the lapse in posting. My computer at home has decided that uploading is something it is only doing on a part time basis. We are in negotiations to see if we can sort this discrepancy out between the two of us. Otherwise, I may need to look for another computer. I am hoping not. This one is not that old. <sigh>

Anyhow, here are the photos from the first day of the Jeff Hein workshop. I’ve decided to only post Jeff’s work and not mine or the other students in the class. While I learned a lot – I am not happy with the actual paintings that I made during the workshop. I know some of the other students felt the same way. So rather than posting anyone else’s work without permission – we are going to stick with documenting the teacher in action.

IMG_3065 IMG_3067 IMG_3068 IMG_3069 IMG_3070 IMG_3071 IMG_3072 IMG_3073 IMG_3074 IMG_3075 IMG_3076 IMG_3077 IMG_3079 IMG_3080 IMG_3081 IMG_3082 IMG_3083 IMG_3085 IMG_3086 IMG_3089 IMG_3092 IMG_3093 IMG_3094 IMG_3096 IMG_3099 IMG_3100 IMG_3104

~ by justteejay on August 31, 2015.

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