It’s Friday and I’m painting stuff

Or more precisely I was painting stuff. I’m finished for the night now. I will be painting stuff again tomorrow.

Hopefully I will have some more photos for you then.

Neither one of these are finished… still works in progress 🙂

bunnyIMG_0175 bunnyIMG_0176 bunnyIMG_0177 bunnyIMG_0178 bunnyIMG_0180 bunnyIMG_0182 bunnyIMG_0183

beeIMG_0185 beeIMG_0186 beeIMG_0187 beeIMG_0188 beeIMG_0189 beeIMG_0190 beeIMG_0191 beeIMG_0192 beeIMG_0193 beeIMG_0194 beeIMG_0195 beeIMG_0196

~ by justteejay on June 26, 2015.

2 Responses to “It’s Friday and I’m painting stuff”

  1. Truly, Tee Jay you are one of my all time favorite tattoo heroes. Such an exceptional talent. I love how you share freely with everyone, your knowledge and insatiable appetite to learn more. You are one of my fondest inspirations. Thank You

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