Some time off

If you are going to have periodic mental break downs especially over things like the death of a beloved pet – being a tattoo artist is a pretty awesome gig. I was able to step away from tattooing the last week and not have to deal with an obnoxious boss who doesn’t understand.

I still did some stuff. I still made some things. But I was allowed some time to grieve and come to terms with my new home situation without Mr Toby. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and everyone who has understood how this has affected me.

I have an internet friend (I have never met her in real life) who has a blog called Catriona Is Crazy. Her logo is a rabid cupcake. For not much reason at all I wanted to try my hand at what I thought a rabid cupcake would look like. Here is what I came up with.

rabid cupcake drawing


I drew a teacup giraffe because there was one in an old TV commercial and one of my friends thought that they were awesome and wanted one. This one also made it’s way onto the RedBubble – just in case anyone else has a thing for teacup giraffes.

teacup giraffe drawing


I finished up the painting that I started in Hell City (the one from Friday, the other one is still unfinished) and sent it off to be in the Steve Carpenter Student Exhibition. I did upload it to the RedBubble page as well for those of you who were asking about it.

Moth and Flame


I was honored that it was included on the press info for the show.

Steve Carpenter Student Exhibit 2015

I spent some time with some wonderful friends who made me feel like everything will be okay again. As much of an introvert as I am – it’s great to have so many wonderful human beings in my life.



Kent has come back to join us at White Tiger after having lived out of the area for quite a few years. Glad to have him back. Yesterday I made a tall ship tattoo for him to commemorate his “Homeward Bound” adventures. Honored to be able to make this for him. Who woulda thunk we would have wound up here all these many years later?

I hope your mom doesn’t freak out too badly 🙂

tall ship tattoo - Homeward Bound


Last night we started a new tradition at the Greece shop of doing weekend critiques of our work together as a group. Danny and I have been wanting to do this for a while and I am glad we finally made time to make it an organized thing. I am hoping that all of us will grow as artists even quicker with each other’s assistance.


Today I get to work on the ongoing octopus tattoo project. Yay! She is an awesome client and I always enjoy hanging out with her during her sessions.

Hope that you have a great day and get to spend some time doing something that you love.




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