Tattoo Update – More Skulls than Usual

Was asked to make this little tattoo for a very special young lady’s first tattoo. We drew this on to her specifications and she did great. I suspect it won’t be long before she is looking to get another.  cherry blossoms tattoo

Figure drawing.


Nice to work in other mediums. Great to hang out with such driven and talented people.  figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing Another little tattoo for a wonderful young lady. A memorial/tribute piece for a Grandparent. cute giraffe and balloon tattoo Got some slightly better photos of Jean’s Heart locket tattoo healed up.  healed heart locket tattoo

Covered up a Memorial Tattoo that I did around 1994 with the same sentiment – just larger. The lettering was too small in the original tattoo. Plus the piece was no where big enough for the size of his arm. InGodsTrustIMG_1777In God's Trust Tattoo cover-up Much better now and will hold up better with sun exposure.  In God's Trust Tattoo cover-up

Eric. Eric always comes up with fun stuff for me… and is completely understanding when I have brain lapses. Drew this the day of his appointment because I forgot what we were doing and drew the wrong thing. female jester (joker) tattoo 

Mostly healed photos of the background on Bernie’s leg. There will be more to come to fill in the leg further and add more color to this one so his legs are more balanced. moth tattoo moth tattoo moths tattoo

Rob’s second session on his Mountain Riding Unicyclist tattoo. The knight is healed here and what we got done on the dragon is all fresh. mountain unicycle tattoo in progress mountain unicycle tattoo dragon mountain unicycle tattoo in progress

Matthew’s last session and last tattoo before he and his family head for their Grand Adventures points West. I wish them all the best. There are lots of great people in Seattle.
This piece is based on the work of a woman who is on Deviant Art as Zarathus and on some other media s Static Creature. I don’t know what her name is. There were so many amazing details in the original art that I just couldn’t get into a tattoo this scale. I tried to get the overall feel in there – but still tried to pack as many details as possible. The staff was an addition from a drawing that Matthew did a long time ago. (High school maybe?)
Thank you for everything and I hope the Left Coast does right by you and your family.ouroboros tattoo ouroboros tattoo detail ouroboros tattoo detail ouroboros tattoo detail

Another shot at a healed photo of this Samurai Skull tattoo. Perhaps I would do better if the window wasn’t behind him. duh.samurai skull healed  Filler Skull and Cross bones tattoo. This was an impromptu choice based on a sign that Joey has in his work area. I do like doing stuff like this a lot – takes the trust of the client that those scribbles will turn out to be a nice tattoo. skull and crossbones tattoo Healed photo of the Misfits (Crimson Ghost) skull. misfits crimson ghost skull tattoo Started this nice little tattoo on Casey to tie in his sleeves. Obviously we have a bit to go yet on this one.  satyr skull tattoo outline

Short session to start on Ted’s chest. More details to come and her hand will be there also. Once that is finished there will be a companion piece for the other side and a small center piece. I’m leaning towards spider – but we will see what works best.skull lady tattoo in progress

Very excited about this half sleeve for Justin. This is his first tattoo and he sat great. Can’t wait to work on this again. This one will actually extend on to his chest panel as well. Lots of fidldly bits and little details which will be tied in with great sunset colors. Stay tuned.underwater tattoo underwater tattoo

Thank you to everyone for your support and understanding with me after my last post. This week has been hard interspersed with horrible. Being home is hardest without him here. I’m sorry that I haven’t responded to all of you – but it is still super emotional for me to talk about and I don’t like to be that upset in public.

~ by justteejay on May 31, 2015.

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