Still Making Stuff

Paul and I are getting ready to leave for Hell City where I will be participating in the Wet Paint Project again. I realized that I still had a few photos I hadn’t posted from this week and didn’t want them to get lost in the Hell City post(s).

So here is some of what I have been up to.

Did another session on Chas’ arm. His has a theme. It involves skulls and hats 🙂 You would be surprised how many combinations of that we have come up with so far. Going to run out of room before we run out of ideas.

samurai tattoo skull

Bernie came in to have some filler work done on his leg. I did the other tattoos here and now it is time to add some brighter colors to balance out with the other leg. There is more to come on this one as well. Bernie takes great care of his tattoos and I should be able to get some better photos next session.

filler moth tattoo death's head moth tattoo moth tattoos moth tattoo  Doing everything last minute I realized that I didn’t have anything to give people that had the address for my prints on wood. It isn’t easy to find me on the site without the direct link. (which is here if you are interested) So I went off to Staple’s to try and find some of those little business cards that you can feed into your printer and then tear apart. I found these first and figured stickers are way more fun than cards anyhow. I was actually giddy realizing that I could make stickers of ANYTHING! This could get to be a problem. I do so love stickers.

stickers justteejay

Figure Drawing was decidedly meh this week. I wasn’t happy with anything – just parts… but parts is better than nothing. So I will continue to practice and perhaps someday I will feel like I know what I am doing with this (or at least find a medium that I like working with). figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing

Off to finish packing and hit the road. Hope to see some of you in Columbus!!!

~ by justteejay on April 30, 2015.

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