Tattoo Update April 24th, 2015

Sorry, just not feeling creative with titles.

I made this sun and moon piece for Miss Jessica. She had these all over her room when she was little. Her Grandma used to buy them for her. She opted to go with black and grey with just a touch of color for this tattoo. This piece is on the front of her shoulder and I really like the placement that she chose. It’s feminine and easy to conceal for work if she chooses.

sun and moon tattoo

I always like to do a second session on color portraits. There is tweaking and pushing and pulling that can help increase the contrast and tie the tattoo in better. Rachel was nice enough to come back in so I do a little tweaking on this one of her daughter as a sugar skull (and with purple hair… apparently her daughter reminds her periodically “but mommy, I have brown hair”) The hair needed a little more oomph and the pink on the shirt needed to be gone over. The only other thing I did was add a couple more eyelashes to her right eye.

Two days before Rachel’s appointment I had an appointment with someone else for their free second session on their color portrait. He chose to no call and no show. I am hoping that means that he is super thrilled with the way that it healed and didn’t think it could possibly look any better – but I am still disappointed. Even if it didn’t need anything at all it would have been nice to get healed photos. Such is life.

So again, thank you Rachel for coming in. It means a lot to me.

sugar skull portrait tattoo in color

Katie had these little strawberries tattooed on her back a long time ago and didn’t feel that they suited her any longer. She said she felt like they looked like an ovaries diagram which I think was really harsh. They weren’t that bad. (I don’t know who made the original tattoo of the strawberries) All of her tattoos since have been either straight black and grey or black and grey with color highlights. So she asked me to design something for her that was asymmetrical, black work and more in keeping with her current tastes. This design could be very easily added on to and I would like to have a little moth in there for the bat to be watching.

ornate bat tattoo ornate bat tattoo

Debbie and I have been working on this piece for quite a while and due to the changes in my scheduling she hasn’t been able to make it in for about 4 months. I’ve missed her and was excited to get back into this one.

octopus tattoo in progress octopus tattoo in progress and for perspective on the entire piece. Here are the photos from the last session. This tattoo now extends from the front of her right shoulder to the back of her left knee.  last session octopus tattoo last session octopus tattoo

Skulls. I always say that I don’t get to make enough skull tattoos. Lately that has not been true. Lately I have seen a definite upswing in the skull requests. Especially from women. Honored to make this unusual “friend” tattoo for Melody yesterday. She and some girlfriends all work in radiology fields and all decided to get skull tattoos. skull rose butterfly rosary tattoo

Now I am going to go spend some time contemplating the Universe and trying to figure out what exactly it is that makes me dizzy from time to time and if I am safe to drive 😦 There are definitely some weird situations that arise when one is self employed and can’t have someone else fill in for us at work.

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