Frank Again

Frank hates getting tattooed about as much or more than I do. Despite that, he keeps coming back and letting me put some of my favorite pieces on him.

He’s even planning on going to Hell City this year to show some of them off. This arm isn’t quite finished, there will be more tie in work between this tattoo and the ones that Joey made on his upper arm – probably some more elements added and eventually brought down on to his hand more.

Got some almost decent photos all by myself this time and wanted to show off where it is at. There are also some more roses on the other side of the arm – but I didn’t get a clear photo of that part this time.

Thanks Frank for letting me make art on you 🙂

woman and skull tattoo

I did post this on Instagram, but the crop really didn’t do it justice.

~ by justteejay on April 11, 2015.

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