Moving into Spring

I try to focus on what I enjoy about every season and every place that I wind up. This year it really seem like a lot of people are having a particularly hard time with the winter months. Maybe I am just noticing it more this year. Anyhow, if you are one of them….hang in there for a little while longer. Spring is coming. The birds are back, the flowers are starting to come out of the ground and soon we will be fully released from Winter’s grasp.

We are about finished with the Battle of Maldon sleeve. One more session to tighten some things up and add a few more (very light) background elements and this will be another one for the history books.


This was the last sitting for the lower portions of both of John’s arms. I neglected to get photos of the work on his left arm (not sure how that happened) – but will be sure to get both of them (all the way up) when he come back in for healed photos. There is still some stencil hanging around in this picture. So the random purple smear will not be there when everything is said and done.


Figure Drawing. Made it this week and last week. I would have been starting painting class this Monday also – but for a few personal reasons have decided to skip out on this session. All the more reason I have to try and make it to every single Figure Drawing session. For both of these weeks I have gone back to using pencils. I’m more comfortable with them anyhow and I have yet to get the hang of charcoal. While I love the way it looks, I still feel like I am trying to render with a limp rodent. There is no flow or coordination at all. I’ll get back to it – but right now I have enough aggravation in my life. I don’t need to add to it.

figureIMG_1378 figureIMG_1379 figureIMG_1381  (there is charcoal in this one… and not surprisingly, I don’t really like it)figureIMG_1382 figureIMG_1471 figureIMG_1472 figureIMG_1474 figureIMG_1478

Laurie came in for her first tattoo. She has been in the shop so many times with other people supporting their tattoo experiences it was great to finally be able to make one for her as well. She had plans for the next one before we even got started with this one.

hummingbirds flowers tattoo

So sometimes clients come in with ideas that are just so awesome I am afraid that I won’t be able to do them justice. This is one of those cases. Rob rides mountain unicycles. Yes, you read that right. Not mountain biking, mountain unicycling. I can not begin to fathom the coordination involved in that. I have looked it up on youtube and am completely 100% convinced this is something that I never ever intend to try. That being said, I think it is beyond awesome that there are people out there doing it.

This is the first session. The knight will be facing off a large dragon that will be on his chest and torso.

So there you go, mountain unicycling knight facing a dragon. Pretty happy with it 🙂

mountain unicycle knight tattoo

Starting another one tonight that I am excited about as well.

It’s a good day. Hope you are enjoying some aspect of it also.

~ by justteejay on March 31, 2015.

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