Gray Spring? Find the Beauty in that

The vernal equinox has arrived. It was a grey cold day. I’m okay with that. Embrace the grey!

We added this little black and grey fox in between a couple of other existing (black and grey) pieces for Sarah. Always a pleasure to see her. She brought me some maple syrup that her sweetie made and so Paul and I had french toast for dinner the next night. mmmmmmmm french toast

fox and blossoms tattoo

Monday was figure drawing and I was able to go this week. We had a great model. The last time she came in while I was there Steve had set up weird underlighting – which was great study and practice – but not very flattering to the model. This time I was sad I didn’t have more time. I would have loved to have worked longer with couple of these poses.

gesture drawings life drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing

Mike came back for a second session on his arm. We started on the lower portion this time.

Some healed shots of last session. I didn’t make the tribal portion. We are going to add around and weave into it.

eye reflection tattoo time skull tattoo

Mike had seen a time lapse that I was playing around with and had posted on facebook – so he brought his GoPro with him and offered to time lapse video our session. Super excited about this! I am definitely going to be playing with timelapse more.

If that isn’t working the url is here TimeLapse

and the still photo:

Hercules and Cerebus tattoo

Britt and I had seen a display of kitty bones laid out with the pelvic bones next to the head approximating ears. We liked the idea, but the reality makes the “ears” too large. So we used the same idea, made the ears smaller (artistic license) and added a bit of brush sage. The only thing that could have made this better is if we had gotten to tattoo it on Caturday 🙂

cat skull tattoo

So go forth and find the beautiful in the grey (or black and grey) in your life. It’s out there if you just look for it.

~ by justteejay on March 21, 2015.

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