Second half of Holly’s Birthday week – This is Real Life

Holly has a collaborative sleeve that Stephen Lanphear and I have been working on for too long for any of us to remember exactly how long it has been. Part of what she wanted for her birthday this year was to have her sleeve worked on again. She had a session with Stephan at his shop Lefty’s in Pittsfield, MA on her way here. There were some little gaps left in between the main elements that had been bothering her and our goal was to fill those in this time. Idea being to put lift kitty ‘gifts’ in those areas. The biggest spot was her elbow which we settled on a mouse head for. I had done my preliminary sketches and then went looking for reference. One of the reference photos we found online included a foot, which fit the space nicely and would give more of an appearance of just a cute little mouse when viewed from the front of her arm.   former mouse tattoo design

Earlier in the week there was a discussion on facebook. My friend Natasha is making me a bunny hat with amazing droopy bunny ears. On the thread about the bunny ear hat Gretchen posted a link to necomimi ears – which none of the rest of us had heard of. They are ears that move based on signals from your brain. Thus in theory conveying your emotions or thoughts as movement and position of the ears. I had just assumed they would be astronomically expensive so I enjoyed the video and thought no further on it. When Holly saw the video she went immediately to the internet. She found them, decided they were reasonably enough priced and Amazon Prime could have them to us in two days. She said she would buy them for me if I would tattoo her in them. I’m still not sure how it works out that it was her birthday but I got the ears – totally don’t care. They are amazing! Not only did I wear them to tattoo her in, I wore them all day.  TeeJay and cat  Toby showed a complete lack of interest in my new ears as did our other cat Tora. Loki however was completely unimpressed with the ears. He spend the morning watching me from a safe distance. When I came around the corner into the kitchen where he wasn’t expecting me – he arched up his back and hopped sideways away from me to escape the room. I have never seen a cat do anything like that in person. It was AMAZING! TeeJay in ears with cat Driving in the ears wasn’t too bad. Mostly it was just tricky getting in and out of the car without bumping them.  TeeJay driving with ears on First stop was Cheesy Eddie’s for some Birthday Cheesecake for Holly. She opted for the cheescake cupcakes and I was fortunate enough that they had some gluten free mini cheesecakes for Paul and I as well.  TeeJay with ears in Cheesie Eddie's Next was a stop at Five Guys burgers and fries for Holly and I could each get our respective half of cheeseburgers (I don’t eat bread and she doesn’t eat meat, so they are a little confused sometimes when we are trying to order). The guy in Five Guys was genuinely excited about the ears. It was fun for me to watch his reactions and he came by the table a couple of times to make sure that our food was okay 🙂 TeeJay with ears in Five Guys Tattooing in the ears was fine. It was a good thing Holly was laying down for a lot of it though as she kept laughing every time she looked at me. There was much giggling in the tattoo shop on Friday.  TeeJay tattooing with necomimi Lady bug (dead) to fill in a space.  dead ladybug tattoo sleeve tattoo former mousie tattooSome little bird feets for filler.  little bird feets tattoo Holly's sleeveTeeJay tattooing with necomimi After a great night of giggles and tattooing (I can some how hear my Grandma in my head using the word shenanigans.) Holly decided (being the glutton for punishment that she is) that she needed yet another tattoo before she headed home.

If you read the last post you know that we discussed a lot of options for what and where Holly should get her extra nipple tattoo. The side boob tattoo had been voted down, but in the end Holly decided that she needed that one also. How could I deny this lady anything that she wanted for her birthday?

People ask me a lot what the weirdest tattoo I have ever made is. I don’t really know the answer to that question, but I am pretty sure that it is on Holly no matter what. She now has, the first dead bird tattoo that I ever did, the spotted cockalope and now a total of three extra nipples. How can you not love this woman?!?

placement nipple finished nipple finished nipple This tattoo is every bit as surreal in person as it is in the photos. It takes a moment for your brain to register what it is looking at and that there is something very wrong. It’s kind of disconcerting. Holly has a summer full of tank top outfits planned already. Between this and her leg she will be able to have one of the tattoos showing on almost any occasion.   Holly's new side boob

A few times this week Holly used the phrase “This is Real Life”. It sums things up nicely. We live lives that other people may not always understand and sometimes don’t even believe, but this is the kind of thing that happens in the Really Real World when you are willing to laugh, have fun and follow through on some of your thoughts and ideas.

Do something for yourself that you could have never imagined. Wear kitty ears in public. Laugh. Love whenever you can and remember to tell them people around you how much they mean to you.

Life is good.

~ by justteejay on February 8, 2015.

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