Finally got to that Bernini & Holly’s birthday week begins

I was (as you already know) super bummed about having to delay the appointment for the Bernini tattoo. Fortunately for me he was able to come back in pretty quickly. I had blocked the week out to hang out with Holly for her birthday and she was coming in a day later than we had originally discussed.

Was a big tattoo (on a big arm) and he sat great. Didn’t even bat an eye when I started to jump around areas at the end. I am really really hoping that I get to see this healed up and get some photos after the redness has gone away. There is a lot going on in this that you can’t really see because of the irritation to his skin.

The quote is from a Black Label Society song.

Bernini Jesus tattoo Bernini Jesus tattoo

And then this happened.

As many of you know already I make reconstructive nipple areola tattoos primarily for women who have had mastectomies. Holly has said for a while that she wanted to get one from me so that she could show people what it is that I do. Since putting a nipple in a random place is odd already, we discussed ways that we could make it even more interesting.

We talked about placement – my favorite suggestion being on the far outside of the breast near the armpit so that when she was wearing a tank top and had some side boob showing there would be a nipple there.

We talked about color – perhaps a greenish zombie colored sort of thing.

In the end we went with a double nipple. Since the area that we were going to be placing the nipples had some existing tattoo work I matched a color a little darker and more vibrant than I would have gone with normally on her skin tone.

area before tattooingpicking out the colorsareola tattoos without nipples  TeeJay tattooing   almost finished TeeJay tattooing The finished product – double nipples.3d effect nipple tattooing double nipples Holly was texting with a friend during this process and she had said that from the one direction the nipples looked like eyes with the stitch line making a smile under them. 3d effect nipple areola tattoo - double nipple  Once we agreed this was the case, we decided to enhance this effect by adding a nose. maybe those nipples need a nose  nipples with a nose  Tada. The once again finished tattoo. Now complete with nose and whiskers.

finished tattoo

We spent most of today visiting, hanging out and working on drawings for the tattooing we will be doing tomorrow. After that was winding down we started working on this sock monkey. He has been around the shop for too long with no tattoos. The wet paint got to be too messy (and in too many places) so we stopped for the night – but he will undoubtedly have more tattoos soon. If you would like to help decorate the sock monkey, stop in to the Greece shop and/or let me know and we can make arrangements. I think I might need to add some glitter paint to the whole thing and we will definitely need to design a back piece for him.

sock monkey holly and sock monkey Holly and sock monkey sock monkey end of first session

Tomorrow there will be cheesecake, fun tattoos and more surprises.

Stay tuned.

And wish Holly a Happy Birthday. It’s Saturday.

~ by justteejay on February 6, 2015.

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