Bernini was a Bust

So yesterday I had an appointment to make this amazing tattoo based on a Bernini bust. Was feeling better and with a successful day of tattooing under my belt on Tuesday I figured I was good to go.

I won’t get into graphic details, but suffice it to say that I was very very wrong. I made it most of the way into the shop before I started getting sick and made it to the shop only to wind up curled up on the floor of the bathroom with a pillow. (Brought to me by Starr and for the record a BRILLIANT idea! No one has ever brought me a pillow when I was sick on the bathroom floor. Should it ever happen again I will try to make sure I have one at my disposal.)

So no Bernini bust. Client was super understanding, but I was disappointed. When I finally made it back to my house I reached out to my appointments for today to let them know that I wouldn’t be able to tattoo them today.

Super bummed, but for the best as I am still not feeling 100% and my thought has always been that I would rather disappoint someone for not tattooing them then disappoint them with a less than stellar tattoo.

I got through my email and a few other projects that I had to work on at the shop. I wanted to spend some time doing something that felt more productive than answering emails.

I have had this “fake skin” at the shop for a while now. I bought it to see if it would be good for working with to teach people techniques for the medical tattooing. I gave it a go today. Unfortunately it does not work well to approximate skin and the colors take completely differently on it than on skin so it wouldn’t even be good for color theory.

I did things to this fake skin that would be HORRIBLE if they were done to a real live human being. I had to go way more drastic with the colors than I would with a person. It was an interesting experiment anyhow and was worth trying. (Keep learning, keep pushing.)

Here are the results:

3d nipple areola effect tattooing 3d effect nipple tattooing on practice skin

And here is a photo of my adorable kitty Toby so that I can use him as the featured image and not offend the censors on various media.

Toby Cat

Off to work on drawings and supervise Stephen who is now trying his hand at fake skin.

~ by justteejay on January 29, 2015.

One Response to “Bernini was a Bust”

  1. Hope you get well soon!!
    And The nipple is so freakin realistic.

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