Monroe County Hospital

A friend of mine who has been mentioned here on my blog on several occasions (you may recall the day that she saved me from the side of the expressway) has just actually discovered this blog and started reading it. She previously wasn’t a big internet sort of lady but was cunningly coaxed in via ebay. She called me last night and asked specifically about a couple of outings that we had taken that she couldn’t locate here.

Trying to be helpful I wandered around for a bit trying to figure out what I would have named those entries. Turns out I had never posted either one. So here for you (way after the fact) is one of those outings.

This was a trip around the outside of the Monroe County Hospital. I have always loved this building. It has Rochester’s best collections of gargoyles (that I am aware of – if there is another good place somewhere – PLEASE let me know) and the architecture is distinctive and varied.

I am mostly interested in the Gargoyles, so that is what most of the photos are of.

These guys are all just hanging out and reading. Or pretending to read.

row of reading gargoyles reading gargoyles This one bears a striking resemblance to a friend. Looks to us like he is hanging out in his “office” reading the paper and talking on his cell phone.  Bug's Gargoyle This temple just really doesn’t seem to fit with anything else in the place, but maybe it’s all just random. temple? columns coulumn again Again, this owl must have been there for a reason, but hard to say what that might have been. I would love to learn more about the history of this place. Maybe we should send over Chris from Exploring Upstate who actually does research on the places he visits instead of just taking pictures 🙂

little owl detail These guys crack me up. A whole story could be written about what it might be that they are up to. Is that second one trying to flash us?  pointing dude flasher gargoyle colorful archway Content? Melancholy? There is so much character in all of these. corner gargoyle pondering corner gargoyle pondering Lions? drooling werewolves? What is going on? lion details How could you not feel special walking into that everyday? Nurse's Home entrance forlorn gargoyle bored gargoyle archway with color colorful entrance IMG_0704 chilling gargoyle entrance way IMG_0708 faces on the column

The hospital is still open and functioning and you can walk around the grounds anytime that you would like. It is better if it is nice out of course. I would suggest a camera that can zoom in as some of these gargoyles are hard to get near to. There is also what looks like a temple on the top of the building that I didn’t take photos of this day because we were too close to the building to see it.

Hope this helps correct for my oversite and I will post the other outing shortly.

For the rest of you the tattoo and painting photos will be back shortly.

~ by justteejay on December 28, 2014.

4 Responses to “Monroe County Hospital”

  1. Wow awesome architecture ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like it here

  3. I did a search on Monroe Community Hospital gargoyles, and I’m so glad your blog turned up. Aren’t those gargoyles amazing? I’d LOVE to know the stories behind them. I’ve read that they were designed to look like some of the critical politicians of the time. Is this a political statement ??? Fascinating.

  4. And yeah, I think they’re lions, but LOVE the idea
    of them being drooling werewolves !

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