We’re Gonna Break the Internet

Too much has happened the last couple of weeks. Some of it will be here. Some of it will not.

Today is the Solstice. The shortest day of the year and the longest night. Tomorrow we will return to the light – the days will get longer and things will look brighter. I wish the very best Blessings to everyone and I hope you have a warm safe place to enjoy the night surrounded by light and love.

KingFisher joins the Tea Party Bat Drawing Kitty Lobster drawing rose drawing I finished up this drawing and uploaded it to Prints on Wood. Trusty Steed Incidentally, there are a bunch of other pieces that I had scanned to upload as well… but it turns out that they “disable” the uploading feature during the holidays. After the first of the year I will be able to add them to the site as well. So those of you that were asking about prints, if they aren’t on the site yet check back then.

Worked on Frank’s arm for a little while and got this horrible photo to show for it. He will be back and this picture was mostly taken for my benefit to remember where we are at.


Made this Satyr and Woozle tattoo for Sarah. Always enjoy her visits 🙂

Satyr and Woozle tattoo Toby had his surgery and it turns out that the mass that they removed was indeed cancer. We are hoping that they got it all and it did not appear to be into his lymph nodes. I will find out more when I go back on Monday to have his stitches out. In the meantime we have a very unhappy cat in a cone. While he was in surgery I worked on this little slate piece for a friend. She had asked for something for her garden that was more her than “just cheesy flowers”. I gave it to her today and she thinks it is too nice to put in the garden (which I think is really sweet). She said she finds these little slate signs at thrift stores all the time so I asked her to pick me up some when she comes across them. Super easy to paint on I think I would have fun making some more.

Garden Skull painting Garden Skull painting Garden Skull painting on slate The sad little Toby face that the vet sent when he got out of surgery.

Toby after surgery

Added some more onto Jessie’s Cameo.

Cameo tattoo TobyIMG_0003 Worked some more on the Octopus Project. These tentacles are finished up – we will get to add another new one next time. Octopus Tattoo Octopus tattoo Added the last piece onto Casey’s Norse Goddess sleeve by adding Freyja’s Hall. Both arms are now complete and we will start next on a really ambitious project which for the moment I am choosing to keep secret. I assure you it will be AMAZING! Or amazeballs if you prefer 🙂

Freyja's Hall tattoo Norse Goddess Tattoo sleeve Norse God sleeve tattoo Toby Cat Did this study for a painting I have in mind.

Quantum Bunny sketch Toby Cat

Started this Passion Flower tattoo on Natasha who sat like a trooper! I hadn’t really thought about how detailed passion flowers are and that there really isn’t any good way to simplify them for tattooing and still keep all the cool characteristics that make them so unique. There are a whole lot of really crappy tattoos of passion flowers on the internet. I am looking forward to adding the last flower and getting some healed photos of this part. It will be a beautiful and unique piece when we are finished (not that it looks bad now!) The birds are healed (I made them also).

passion flower tattoo

Gretchen came in for her Grandma Mermaid tattoo. I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to this. For a minute it looked like my eye doctor was conspiring to prevent this tattoo from happening… but despite the late start we got a great session in and got Grandma finished. Thank you Gretchen for being patient, bringing me great ideas and becoming a friend in the process.

Grandma Mermaid drawing Grandma Mermaid tattoo

Toby cat reminds you to be grateful for the little things in life. Like being able to properly clean your own butt. Toby Cat

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