Give Away Attempt 2.0 (Now New and Improved)

So being new to this whole give-away thing I made some tactical errors. My thought was that I didn’t want to make anyone do anything to win – no “liking” or “reposting” or any of that nonsense that always comes across like a way to try to gain more followers. I hadn’t thought that there might be another reason for it.

I pulled names (randomly) one for here and one for Instagram and in both cases wound up with users who are no longer active. Ooops. So I tried to give stuff to two people who (while I reached out to in other ways) have no idea.


So let’s try this again.

If you comment on this post I will enter you into a random drawing to win one of the pieces of artwork pictured (your choice).  I will do the same type of thing on Instagram.

On Monday afternoon I will randomly select from the people who have commented here (and on Instagram). Whoever gets back to me first will have first dibs (between here and Instagram) and then the other gets second pick. I will mail the artwork out to them (or they can pick it up if they are local).

After that, I will get together with my chums at the shop and home – we will go through the comments and select our favorite. This is completely biased and will be based on what we are amused by. From there I will select one or two winners and again they will get their choice of artwork to have for their very own.

Hopefully this works out better than GiveAway 1.0 – if not, I will try again.

and Happy Thanksgiving to one and all 🙂

some TeeJay paintings Explorer Snail flying fish drawing bird and bunny drawing dragon lady drawing voodoo doll painting

~ by justteejay on November 27, 2014.

29 Responses to “Give Away Attempt 2.0 (Now New and Improved)”

  1. Hey TeeJay – I throw my name into the ring for a painting and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from my heart. Meredith Minier


  2. I didn’t realize being generous was going to get so complicated. I only respond because I love you you don’t have to give me anything

    — Sent from Mailbox

    On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 10:29 AM, Just TeeJay’s Blog

  3. COMMENT!! (…and, you know, Happy Thanksgiving, best to you and yours, blah blah blah, but mostly…COMMENT! I’m COMMMENTing here!!) 🙂

  4. these are gorgeous!

  5. Love your work and you! ❤️ Happy gratitude day (I’m changing the holiday) 🙂 grateful for you my friend xo

  6. These are all so detailed and expressive. And it’s not often one gets a glimpse of the mousefish in its natural habitat.

  7. A very generous gesture. The owl is my favorite. If this comment is selected, I’d like the treasure to be awarded to my daughter, Korrine Marshall. Ain’t that a hoot!

  8. As for the guy top right, I’m going to say he’s a rambit.

  9. Me…me…me…

  10. I am an active user and bitches love the mouse fish damn it! And I’ll drive 6 hours to pick it up in person 🙂

  11. You are generous! And your artwork is amazing!

  12. Hi TeeJay, it’s Molly! Mom showed me these, and I like the owl, because it’s colorful, and my new room needs color. Love, Molly

  13. Teej, I love all of your art 🙂 And you, even more ❤ If I win, I will choose the wise, glowy owl, because my Molly likes him (her?) and he (she?) will be a lovely addition to her new space. We would be happy to have any TeeJay "originals" – besides my tattoos! – in our home!


  15. TeeJay, your work never ceases to amaze me! You have honed your gift of creativity into something very special…btw, I am very glad these old eyes can see these pics better than the other attempt…lol

  16. Hello TeeJay.

    Please and Thank you

    Hope you and the Fam had a good Thanksgiviing

  17. In the spirit of Thanksgiving ,I can be greedy and comment on both sites…..Riiiiiight????

  18. Hello my dear friend. I only respond to wish you a happy thanksgiving and to wish you well. I’ve loved your art for all the years we’ve known each other. Your talent blows me away. Love Melinda

  19. Love your art work !!!

  20. TeeJay, I love your art! I don’t want to be greedy though! I miss you! Going to have to plan another ‘visit’! ️happiest of holiday greetings to you, my friend, and your family! Xoxo

  21. TeeJay, hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. I have two tattoos from you that I love and I constantly get compliments on them so even though I’m not particularly witty I’d like to be in the running for one of your drawings.

  22. Let me get this straight. You’re going to just give away one of these beautiful creations at random? I could potentially own a TeeJay Dill original art piece just for commenting, no strings attached? No monetary exchange, no backroom negotiations, no deal with the Devil, no promise to relinquish my first born, no Herculean labours to appease the gods of Olympus, no “Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, consider this justice a gift…” ? A precious glimpse into your soul that I can hang on my wall and admire for all my days… Hmm, well, I’m not sure I really want to leave a comment, but I would gladly do ALL those other things.

  23. Fantastic work of my favorite artist. 🙂
    And I am certainly not trying to sway the judging of comments with that statement….
    (Pick me, pick me!!!)

  24. Random drawing conducted shortly after noon today and the winner is…. Lisa Bankert! Since Lisa already stated she would choose the owl if she was selected… I shall set that one aside for her. Lisa I will get ahold of you for a mailing address.
    Thank you everyone for participating. There will be another opportunity on Facebook shortly.

  25. Hi TeeJay, Rick & Kelly from Michigan.

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