Giveaway Attempt (Bear with me here)

Mentioned yesterday that I wanted to do some give aways. Got a random number generator… counted. Had Stephen double check my counting.

random number generator

Winner is (or may be) Suz Hughes who signed up to follow my blog 2years and 11 months ago (according to WordPress).

Suz Hughes Blog

I clicked on her blog link and it appears to have been inactive since 2012. So I will try e-mailing her as well. In the event that I do not hear back from her in the next couple of days I will try again.

I am determined to give some stuff away!

Should Suz get back to me she will have first choice on any one of the paintings or drawings below. Once I get this sorted out I will do the same thing with Instagram Followers. Same thing, whoever is picked there will get to select one of the pieces below and I will mail it to them.

IMG_9671VooDooDoll IMG_9683dragonlady IMG_9684newsbringer IMG_9685FlyingFish IMG_9687paintingssnaillittlewatermarked

The VooDoo Doll one is still wet so if anyone picks that one they will have to wait a little bit for it to dry.

Thank you again everyone for your support and hopefully I will get all this sorted out and start mailing out some free stuff 🙂

~ by justteejay on November 25, 2014.

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