Hooray! I can be productive even if I am unsupervised!

Last Monday was the last painting class for me for a little while. I was apprehensive that I would fall back into the habit of focusing on what “has” to be done and not making time for myself and my personal art work.

So today was the first test. No schedule. No class. Lots of excuses to do other things.

Admittedly I started out last night by working on some drawings including Stephen’s request for a BlueTit in a kilt to go on the other side from the snail. Pretty pleased with this little guy although he will need to be simplified some in order to get tattooed as small as the snail is.

blue tit in a great kilt blue tit in a great kilt drawing

I did spend a little time painting this morning (after a run and then an emergency trip to one of the shops to find out what set off the alarm). Then I had to coral two of the kitties up to get them to the vet. They were not amused – but still as cute as ever.

Vet Day

Tora is okay… but Toby got scheduled for some surgery today. We aren’t going to tell him yet, he worries about these sort of things. His surgery is in two weeks and I am going to need help being distracted that day. So please get your painting and drawing suggestions to me now. It will be a rough day for me. Toby is my favorite. My mom says it’s okay to have a favorite cat – just not a favorite kid.

After the vet I got down to business (interspersed with laundry, house cleaning, dishes and visiting with a friend).

This Rochester Flower painting has been giving me fits for the longest time. I’m done (apologies to my English teacher from 3rd grade). Finished. Signed it and I am NOT going to touch it again. No matter what (well unless it got damaged?). I’m moving on to new projects. This one will be getting scanned once it is dry (now that it is finally finished really) and I will be putting prints up with the rest of them on printsonwood.

humminbird with rochester flower 

I couldn’t get a decent photo straight on which is why they have people who get paid to take photos of art work for us.hummingbird with Rochester Flower

I don’t even know when I started this one. I’m pretty sure it was when I was using the water soluble oils. I was experimenting with a limited palette. I was happy with some things about it and not others and had honestly forgotten all about it. Paul came across it and mentioned that he liked it. That was enough inspiration to put it on the list and work on it today. VooDoo Doll 

I think this one is finished. I didn’t sign it as I want to make sure the darks stay as dark as I want them to be before I commit – but it’s awfully close. VooDoo Doll painting

This on had been floating around in the examination phase. I decided the only thing that really bothered me enough to change was the back wing which I glazed over and dropped back further. That’s all she wrote for this one. It will get taken in at the same time as the Rochester Flower to get scanned also. Introduction painting

Today was my first time using my new “glass palette” also known as an old bathroom window. These work great as light tables also and best of all they can be found for free if you don’t mind a little curb shopping. glass palette

This on has been getting stared at for a while also. Made some teeny tiny modifications and signed it. Will go in the pile to be scanned also. Keeper in the Woods

Tada. Palette wiped clean. Everything washed and cleaned and ready for the next time I get a day to play. Hopefully next Monday. glass palette cleaned off


I would like to thank all of you who stop by here and who read my blog or just look at the photos.

I joined a blogger group and realized that I see this whole blogging thing differently than some people do. A lot of the people in the blogging world are looking to “get” more followers and more subscribers. I’m not sure what the end goal is. Perhaps to be able to sell advertising space by having high numbers? I’m not sure.

I started this blog as a way to share my work and my thoughts. I wasn’t even sure who I was sharing with. Blogs had been described to me at that time as a kind of a diary that anyone can read.

So I put my thoughts and my art up on the web’s virtual refrigerator (which is a really really big space) and I am super excited that anyone notices it at all. I am honored that people pay attention. I am flabbergasted when people “sign up” to be notified of new posts. I am told I am supposed to offer incentives to people to sign up. That seems phony to me.
But I do want to say thank you some how. So I have decided to give away two pieces of art – they will probably be small ones as I will have to mail them and I don’t want to break the bank doing so. One randomly to someone who is already subscribed here (I will draw again if that person winds up being a family member) and one randomly to someone who is following me on Instagram. Not to get anything from any of you – but to say thank you. Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet. Thank you for supporting me and other creatives. We need that.

Thanks 🙂

~ by justteejay on November 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “Hooray! I can be productive even if I am unsupervised!”

  1. I always look forward to your posts, thanks for sharing! I love my tattoo that I got from you. Your painting inspire me to be more artistic and remind me to look at things from a different perspective. Don’t be so critical of your photos that look great to me. Keep sharing please I enjoy your blog!

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