Booking Appointments

I know that it has been extremely difficult for you to book appointments with me in the past. I have for the last several years stopped booking appointments once the calendar year was full. This normally happened by March. This often left you waiting 6-10 months for an appointment once you had booked it. I appreciate how many of you were willing to wait and all of the wonderful tattoos that I was able to create.

What may have not been so obvious from the outside was how much pressure this created in my life. Being booked out that far caused me to miss weddings and funerals. Major events in the lives of people that I loved. When I did have to reschedule people there was enormous pressure to find them a new spot.

I’ve decided to try something new this year and while I am sure there will wind up being some kinks to work out I am hoping it will make things better in the long run. For 2015 I will only be booking one month at a time. This will allow me more flexibility and hopefully still be enough time for clients to make arrangements. Clients who have work in progress or are coming from out of town will have the ability to book slightly earlier than everyone else.

Appointment schedules will open up the first business day of the month prior to the month that is being booked. Clients with work in progress will be able to book two business days prior.

For appointments in:       Start Booking:       For In Progress Clients:

January 2015                  December 2nd, 2014           November 28th,2014

February 2015                January 2nd, 2015               December 30th, 2014

March 2015                     February 3rd, 2015              January 30th, 2015

April 2015                        March 3rd, 2015                   February 27th, 2015

May 2015                         April 1st, 2015                       March 28th, 2015

June 2015                        May 1st, 2015                        April 29th, 2015

July 2015                          June 2nd, 2015                    May 29th, 2015

and so on and so forth.

Not sure if you are on the list of Ongoing Projects? The following people are as of this writing. If you believe you should be added to this list you will need to contact TeeJay directly.

Amanda Po
Bernie Ba
Bob Ga
Casey Gi
Chas (Chaz?) Ca
Courtney Ga
Deborah Ha
Frank Ri
John Atk
Melinda Ha
Michelle (was R, now K)
Natasha Ch
Ted the Legit
Will Fr

(the counter staff have the list with the full names)

New client? I will still only be booking appointments this way for custom tattoos. Portraits, realistic color pieces and tattoos drawn in my style. I will not be booking any appointments for flash, pinterest tattoos or anything that could be made just as well by one of the other artists at White Tiger Tattoo.

Medical client? None of this applies to you. I will have specific dates booked out each month at both of the medical offices and at the shop in Webster to accommodate you. Call for specifics.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we implement the new procedures. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for all of your support.


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~ by justteejay on November 18, 2014.

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