Apparently I skipped a week in there on my weekly updates. Here is some of what I have been up to.

Started this idea for a Fancy Cat. Fancy Cat drawing Had Painting Class last week and worked on a few different ones.

The Owl needed a few more touches. I think it is finished now – I will probably get this one scanned before I try to make prints as it is pretty dark for me to get a decent photo of.

Owl Painting 

Thought this one was finished – looked at it, decided that it wasn’t. I’m still not 100% happy with it – but am getting closer every time. A few people have asked about prints and/or the original on this one – so I would really like to get finished with it. But tweaking continues. Rochester Flower with Hummingbird Rochester Flower with Hummingbird

The rodents got the most work. When I look back over photos it doesn’t seem like I got that much done during class – but I know I was painting the whole time. Rodent Painting rodent painting rodent painting rodent painting rodent painting

A short session again on Figure Drawing. No good reason for quitting early this time. Just wasn’t doing well and very distracted.

figure drawing figure drawing

Some more work on the Fancy Cat.

fancy cat drawing

Doing a lot of medical tattooing this time of the year. So most of what I have been up to I can’t show you. Did work on a favorite client and had a great visit. Sue asked me to put a bat on her shoulder. This was a cover up – which I did not have a tracing of when I made the drawing. I figured either it would work or I would modify the drawing when she came in. Worked out better than they usually do when I have a tracing. Maybe I should fake it more often.

bat tattoo bat tattoo

Fancy Cat gets all finished up – scanned and a little photoshop tweaking… then off to Prints on Wood.

Fancy Cat drawing

Back to Painting Class this morning. It’s our last class for the session and he is not offering Monday classes next session. So I will be without a class for a little while. Hopefully I can continue to make time to paint even without the structured time frame.

Continued to work on the rodent painting. Happier now, but I think this one needs at least one more session.

rodent painting rodent painting

Made some changes on this dead bird painting that I made a while ago. I know it’s subtle, but I am happier with it now.

dead bird painting dead bird paintingAnd started a new one because if I don’t, then I will keep painting over and modifying the ones that I have started. Then things just get muddy and messy. Keep moving forward.

I’m not sure what was on this canvas originally – it’s one of the ones that I spraypainted to start over with. Hopefully this one goes better than whatever was there to begin with.

discussionIMG_9576 discussionIMG_9577 discussionIMG_9578 discussionIMG_9582 discussionIMG_9583 discussionIMG_9584 discussionIMG_9585 the discussion

That’s it for today. Hope everyone is having a good day and that you get to spend some time doing something that you love today.


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  1. I don’t say it often enough… But I am so grateful you continue to put up updates… I follow and read every one… Lest you think they are just sent into ether. It’s how I keep in touch with you.

    • Gretchen it does help quite a bit. I actually have had a few friends tell me that they never read the blogs, just look at the photos. Made me wonder if I am just talking to myself (which I would continue to do anyhow).
      I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read them and to let me know. Thanks!!!

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