Mondays are ART Days!!!

I know for most of the working world Mondays are icky. I get that. My Tuesdays are your Mondays. Before you get too jealous about me having Mondays off, keep in mind that I have worked almost every Saturday for the last 20 years.

On Mondays I make stuff. Right now I am taking Painting Classes at the Steve Carpenter Gallery Monday mornings. This week I got together with what is left of our Art Group and Monday nights I return to Steve Carpenter’s for open studio Figure Drawing. Here is some of what I was up to on Monday throughout the day…

rat painting in progress rat painting in progress rat painting in progress rat painting in progress rat painting in progress rat painting in progress rat painting in progress rat painting in progress  I had thought that this hummingbird painting was finished – but in looking at it, I still think it needs something more going on where the wings are or maybe the back wing dropped back more and a little bit more light brought to the center of the flower. It’s very close though and the leaves at the bottom helped a ton. For anyone who is not familiar with Rochester – the symbol is our city’s symbol. Rochester was once known as the Flour City – but is now the Flower City. We often use the lilac as a symbol for Rochester and while I know that hummingbirds prefer a bunch of other flowers over lilacs… I still think it makes for a nice image.
Living here I find a strong division between those of us who love it here and those who are looking to get out of the area. Although it is not always a popular sentiment – I really love Rochester. Right up to and including the weather. It is a bit of a bummer that so many people that I love have chosen to move so far away. Rochester City Flower & Hummingbird  I had some sort of weird memory lapse and thought Figure Drawing started at 6:30 and was super confused when I got there and everyone was working already. It’s 6-9. I don’t know what happened there – I guess my brain decided I didn’t need to be there the first half hour. figure drawing life drawing charcoal drawing from life Really not sure where I am going with the body positioning on the flying rat. Might need to start over with him. He is starting to look more weasel-y. I really like the one on the leaf. rat painting in progress


More medical work again today so no tattoo photos to show you.


~ by justteejay on November 5, 2014.

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