Tyler Durden, Kitties an Octopus and more

Been saying for a while now that I want to get caught up on posting some of my tattoos.

Well here it is!

Added a little more onto Bob’s dragon and skulls. If you know Bob – ask him about what happened to his tires at the shop that day.

dragon and skulls on ribs tattoo skulls on ribs tattoo I had posted this adorable little bat as a drawing on my Instagram feed. Keri saw it and asked if we could add him somewhere. I was more than happy to oblige and glad that this cute little critter found a good home. cute bat tattoo  leg tattoo - day of the dead woman Grinch tattoo? Oh yes please! We don’t call these swell-bows for nothing. He sat great and should be all presentable well before the season.Grinch Tattoo on elbow Gretchen has started doing kitty rescue. She has been sending me these beautiful photos which show her tattoos and kitties. I happen to like these things very much…. so I share them with you. (I did make these tattoos, but I’m sure you figured that out.) adorable kitty with tattoos sleeping kitty in tattoo arms “Lila” all healed and pretty. healed portrait tattoo Nadia asked me to fill in the rest of the space on her hand and include a keyhole. This has healed up nicely and looks a little bit like lace brass knuckles. She says she gets a lot of compliments on it. lace hand tattoo Debbie had another session on her Octopus tattoo. The scale of this is starting to come through now that we have reached the top point. On the left side this will go down her leg to about the back of her knee. She is a trooper and this is a really fun project for me. octopus tattoo octopus tattoo in progress A friend of mine is leaving Rochester and moving to the Left Coast. She asked for a little Rochester tattoo before she left. Was really glad I was able to sneak her in for this cute little one. lilac rochester tattoo First tattoo! Sat like a rock. I can tell you I think I would have run from the room screaming if someone tried to tattoo me on my ribs when I was 18. Once again with my photo skills (or lack thereof) I have the window nicely behind her and you can’t see the tattoo well.  skulls and roses on side tattoo Another session on this Norse sleeve. Having lots of fun with this as well. He is a great guy, sits really well, is far more educated than me and also gluten free so I really enjoy our conversations and learning things from him.  norse sleeve tattoo in progress Tyler Durden portrait tattoo fresh Got some passable photos of the Tyler Durden portrait healed up. Super fun for me and I would love to make more portraits of recognizable people. Tyler Durden portrait tattoo healed My appointment for Saturday didn’t show up so I took a walk-in! Was fun to just draw something and tattoo it on the spot. Would have liked to color it as well, but he wasn’t up for it. Hopefully he will come back to the shop when he is ready. walk in tattoo Of course there are other pieces that I have worked on since I updated last. Some I don’t have good photos of and some I can’t show you for various reasons. But have no fear, there will be more tattoos here again. On accounta that is what I do with most of my days 🙂

Hope whatever you are doing with your day it is enjoyable.

~ by justteejay on October 16, 2014.

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