Painting and Figure Drawing October 13th 2014

I think that the blow by blow painting shots are less interesting once I get into the refining process – but many people have told me that they enjoy seeing the process throughout. So here is today’s progress on this little owl painting. I really hadn’t intended to paint so many owls, but one has to go where the muse leads.

owl painting in progress owl painting in progress owl painting in progress owl painting in progress owl painting in progress

I took a break from this one because I wanted to ask Steve’s advice on some things. While I was waiting for him to come around I started on another piece. As you can see I didn’t make it very far before Steve came back.

mice painting mouse painting mouse painting

With Steve’s input I went back into the owl. While I don’t think this one is quite finished, it is pretty close.

owl painting in progress Owl painting in progress

I did finish the snail drawing and uploaded that the other day so he is now available from Prints on Wood.

Explorer Snail Print

Monday night and back to figure drawing. I actually wasn’t planning on going this week – but the practice is always worth it.

figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing seated male

I still need to post some of the recent tattoos – but that will be another post.


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