Rochester Flower Tattoo

A friend of mine asked me to draw her a tattoo of the Rochester Flower. It’s a pretty common tattoo and she had expressed apprehension that it might be too boring of a design for me to do and offered that I could make it more interesting if I liked. She was looking for something relatively small and simple. I have to admit that I poked around on the internet to see what other people have done with the image. By and large I was unimpressed with what I saw.

I know there are some lovely Rochester themed tattoos out there – but they don’t seem to show up on an image search.

This led to some discussions at the shop and we decided to put together some Rochester themed flash. A bunch of us are working on it. Stephen drew a really awesome Arthur Shawcross design and I saw the Garbage Plate one that Danny is working on. I am sure there were be some fun designs inspired by this project.

In the meantime, here are the Rochester Flower designs that I drew for my friend that she did not select. These will be going on to flash sheets and will be available at the shop. There will be more to come with and without the Rochester Flower included.


Rochester Flower Lotus Tattoo design Rochester Flower 3d tattoo design Rochester Flower Mandala tattoo design Rochester Flower dragonfly tattoo flash Rochester Flower Lilac tattoo flash

I had a lot of fun drawing the mandala. It reminds me of making paper snowflakes when I was a kid so I know I will be making more of those.

If you have any requests of things you would like to see on this set – suggestions are always appreciated.




~ by justteejay on October 13, 2014.

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