Figure Drawing and Painting Class from October 6th, 2014

Tis the Season when Monday mornings mean Painting Class for me. This weekend was super hectic as Paul and I made a quick run to Albany to watch Cirque du Soleil in Albany on Sunday. I was in such a hurry to get there and back that I completely forgot to look and see if there was anything (or anyone) that I wanted to see while I was there. I missed an opportunity to hang out with a really awesome lady (and her kitties!). Next time I will not make such a tactical error.

I had asked for a vote on Facebook of which of a number of sketches that I should paint. The Viking Snail was the clear winner. So why didn’t I paint the Viking Snail? Two primary reasons. One, this fit the canvas that I had better. Two, the snail really needs a lot of noodly little details to work well and I don’t like doing noodly stuff in paint. Noodly stuff needs nice sharp pencils for accuracy.

owlIMG_9128 owlIMG_9129 owl painting in progress owl painting in progress owl painting in progress owl painting in progress owl painting in progress owl painting in progress owl painting in progress owl painting in progress

So after painting class I got together with the Art Group and worked on the snail. No sneak peeks on that one yet. But if you voted for the snail, have no fear, it is being worked on. Thank you Starr for hosting this month and for the very tasty snacks (I am a slacker and there are no snacks when I host).

After Art Group I made a quick dash to Michael’s to pick up some frames. Then off to the shop to pack up my tattoo gear to work at the Doctor’s office today. Then off to Figure Drawing.

figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing figure drawing

After not too long at Figure Drawing it became very apparent that my not feeling well was showing up in my drawing attempts. Rather than frustrate myself any further (and feeling like I had a pretty productive day)…. I headed home early.

I have been tattooing also and hope to update some tattoo photos soon as I have some pretty awesome projects in the works. For now, off to work on the snail and spend a few minutes with my Spouse 🙂


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